Orbcomm has acquired the assets of Salt Lake City-based Inthinc, a fleet management and driver safety solutions provider.

Inthinc has been a long-time customer of Orbcomm’s wireless data services and it provides fleet management solutions for more than 100 companies who operate large commercial vehicle fleets. Inthinc also offers solutions for the electronic logging device mandate. Orbcomm is acquiring the company as an entry point into the fleet management market

Most of Inthinc’s customers are U.S.-based but it also serves countries in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Romania, South Africa, and Tanzania.

Inthinc’s telematics solutions are aimed at improving driver safety, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and workforce optimization through the two-way integration of vehicle devices, mobile devices, apps, and data management services.

“Inthinc’s offering complements and strengthens our existing transportation and heavy equipment product portfolio, allowing our customers to access a broader set of asset monitoring solutions,” said Marc Eisenberg, Orbcomm’s chief executive officer. “By adding incremental vertical markets and telematics capabilities, the acquisition of Inthinc further solidifies Orbcomm’s position as a leading full-service solution provider in the industrial Internet of Things.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet