More Texas and New Mexico business owners in the plumbing, utility, and drilling industries will now benefit from the excavation and drilling support team at Mulholland Energy Services. The company announced a new fleet of professional excavation equipment and frac tanks that have allowed it to increase its service area. Businesses who already utilize its services report that Mulholland’s hydroexcavation and drill-site clean-up teams are consistently safe, efficient, and expertly skilled.

Surveyed business owners and utility companies in Southwestern Texas and New Mexico who utilize ground excavation services gave high marks to Mulholland Energy, pointing out its highly skilled team members along with its abundance of state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles. When asked if they trust Mulholland Energy Services to outperform its competitors, those surveyed had great confidence in the company over others in the area. Projects like potholing, daylighting, slot trenching, piling hole excavation, and remote excavation are what most of their customers named as the company’s strongest areas.

Mulholland Energy Services’ new load of trucks will also allow it to perform more frac tank cleaning, fluid and solid material hauling, end dumps, and hot oil jobs in the Permian Basin area of Texas and into New Mexico. Rig site operators also tap Mulholland for help at the conclusion of each job. Mulholland provides full clean, drift, and tally services for drill casing on rig sites, with both laser and manual tally capabilities. Mulholland’s rig site customers note that they are always provided with a casing tally in Excel — a service provided by Mulholland that makes a big difference to their customers.

Current satisfied customers rave about Mulholland’s attention to detail when it comes to cleaning OBM (oil based mud), water based drilling mud, frac sand and chemicals out of their frac tanks. The fact that Mulholland comes to the customer to perform detailed and professional cleanings is very important to companies who are working on remote drilling sites, and the addition of new vehicles will only add to the list of satisfied customers for this Texas-based company.