Photo via Flickr/Paul Krueger

Photo via Flickr/Paul Krueger

San Diego Gas & Electric (Calif.) is expanding its use of alternative fuels with more gasoline-electric hybrids for its fleet and more EV charging stations for its customers.

Following XL Hybrids' announcement about developing a plug-in hybrid system for pickup trucks, the utility announced that it will purchase up to 110 of these systems between 2017 and 2020.

SDG&E plans to convert more than 20% of its fleet to alternative fuels by 2020. Last month, the company purchased more than 30 new plug-in hybrid electric bucket trucks. The trucks have an on-board battery system that eliminates the need for engine idling when crews are called out for repairs, reducing emissions and noise. 

Through the company's Power Your Drive program, SDG&E plans to install 3,500 EV charging stations at apartments, condos, businesses, and disadvantaged communities.