Donlen has released an advanced electronic draft portal that provides courtesy delivery dealers with enhanced visibility of vehicles on order through each step of the production phase to improve the driver and dealer experience for fleet customers.

Agent Central eDraft gives dealers access to comprehensive data from the moment a vehicle is assigned to a dealership, which will allow them to prepare for the delivery, and in turn get vehicles to their customer’s drivers more efficiently, according to the company.

“In order to provide a better delivery experience for our customers’ drivers, and for our dealer network, we developed a streamlined delivery platform built on real-time OEM, transportation, and upfitter data,” said Cindy Gomez, vice president of vehicle acquisition services at Donlen. “Fleet professionals will be reassured, knowing that their drivers will receive timely, professional service at delivering dealerships, allowing their drivers to get on the road and start using the new vehicle for business purposes as quickly as possible.”

It allows dealers to accurately track the status of incoming orders using real-time data, and contains detailed instructions for the dealership to follow prior to releasing vehicles to drivers. The detailed information provided includes OEM data such as MSO details, plates, and other compliance information.

Agent Central eDraft also captures data from dealerships, such as whether a vehicle was issued a temporary tag, and if so, the expiration date. Donlen can then track that information and alert the dealership to take action if a driver’s temporary tag is near expiration.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet