Advanced Driver Training Services, (ADTS, Inc.) is warning all drivers, but especially company fleet drivers, not to be lured into one more deadly distraction while driving, that is Pokémon Go.

ADTS, Inc. has always stressed distraction free driving and with the recent introduction of the wildly popular Pokémon Go application the stakes just got higher. In recent weeks there have been numerous reports of traffic collisions caused by drivers that were playing Pokémon Go. One driver even plowed into a parked Baltimore police car! Fortunately there were no injuries.

Phil Moser, Vice President of ADTS, Inc., suggests all companies put out a written policy that prohibits playing Pokémon Go while operating a company vehicle. "It might seem a little childish that an adult driver has to be told this but the game has become so popular that drivers that have never downloaded a mobile game could be curious enough to try it out", Moser stated.

According to ADTS, Inc., driver distraction is one of the main causes, if not the main cause, of most traffic collisions. According to the United States Department of Transportation a distraction, such as text messaging while driving, creates a crash risk 23 times higher than while not distracted.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet