Aerial view of Ford Product Campus courtesy of Ford.

Aerial view of Ford Product Campus courtesy of Ford.

Ford Motor Co. has begun a broad-based redevelopment of its Dearborn, Mich., headquarters that will transform it into two campuses in the next decade.

Under the plan, Ford will create a product campus and world headquarters campus for 30,000 employees. It will establish or revamp more than 7.5 million square feet of work space.

The plan is expected to require an investment of more than $1.2 billion, reports the Detroit Free-Press. The project is the first major rennovation of the campus in its more than 60-year history.

Construction will begin later this month on the new product campus, which will include a new Design Center. The campus will include paths, trails and covered walkways as well as autonomous vehicles, on-demand shuttles, eBikes, employee services, high-speed internet and more green spaces. New buildings will reduce energy use by about 50%, save water and include the new zero-waste, zero-energy, zero-water Sustainability Showcase building, according to Ford.

The current Ford Research and Engineering Center Campus, which was dedicated by President Eisenhower in 1953, now houses 12,000 employees. It will be transformed into a contemporary, innovative work environment to accommodate 24,000 employees in 4.5 million square feet of upgraded work space.

The campus also will serve as a pilot location for Ford Smart Mobility solutions, including autonomous vehicles, on-demand shuttles and eBikes to transport employees.

The 700,000-square-foot Design Center will be the focal point of the campus and include new studios and an outdoor design courtyard. The company will upgrade the 14,000-square-foot Ford Design Showroom for use as an event venue.

Ford will begin renovating the existing Ford World Headquarters building, which was dedicated in 1956, in 2021. The company will add more technologically connected facilities and open work spaces to enable a collaborative environment.

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