Photo: Odyne Systems

Photo: Odyne Systems

Aftermarket hybrid system manufacturer, Odyne Systems, has received an exemption from the California Air Resources Board permitting the installation of the company’s hybrid systems on certain medium- and heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles.

An executive order issued by CARB states that the installation of Odyne’s Plug-In Hybrid Systems “has been found not to reduce the effectiveness of a vehicle’s pollution control system." This allows for the installation of the hybrid system on 2013 – 2015 medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks of specific engine-vehicle combinations.

Odyne is the first company to complete CARB’s aftermarket exemption process, the company says. Odyne’s Plug-In Hybrid Systems are often added after a new chassis was purchased and other equipment is being installed. Systems can also be retrofitted onto older vehicles.

"We are excited to have received this executive order from the California Air Resources Board and look forward to working closely with truck owners in California to apply environmentally friendly Odyne hybrid systems to their vehicles,” said Bill Mammen, director of controls for Odyne Systems. “We have a passion for innovation and delivery of reliable, advanced plug-in hybrid system solutions.”

The hybrid system consists of an electric power conversion, power control and energy storage technology. The system is designed to interface with Allison automatic transmissions and combines Remy electric propulsion motors, Johnson Controls lithium-ion batteries and other components.

The system’s Power Take-off feature provides a direct connection between the hybrid system and the transmission which improves fuel efficiency. When the truck is stationary, Odyne’s hybrid system can power most equipment for the entire work day with the engine off. Depending on duty cycle, the hybrid system can improve fuel economy by 50% or more compared with non-hybrid systems, according to Odyne.

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Originally posted on Trucking Info