Photo courtesy of PG&E

Photo courtesy of PG&E

Pacific Gas and Electric Company recently donated a plug-in electric hybrid truck to the city of Napa, Calif.

Last year a magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit the city of Napa, resulting in more than 70,000 customers losing power, and over 100 people sustaining injuries. The truck was donated in recognition of the many first responders, PG&E employees and the community who helped during the earthquake.

The donated truck is outfitted with enough equipment to provide 4kVa of exportable power, enough electricity to power a small neighborhood. First responders can also use the truck as a portable power source while at an emergency site and plug in their lighting, equipment, and other tools directly to the truck. It has a 30-mile range on pure electric, and an added 350 miles of hybrid driving range.

The truck was developed through a partnership between Efficient Drivetrains Inc. and PG&E. Barry Anderson, vice president of emergency preparedness and operations said PG&E is assisting the city’s emergency preparedness by donating the truck to first responders.  

However, this is only the first of multiple donations. PG&E plans to donate additional plug-in electric pick-up trucks and an associated charging infrastructure to local fire departments. The electric company will be partnering with Firewise Foundation to donate the vehicle charging equipment for the Napa City Fire Department.