A Verizon employee was arrested for allegedly distributing marijuana in the town of Fallsburg, New York, according to Mid Hudson News.

The county police had been tracking 48-year-old Ralph Castelli’s activities for the past year. During that time, police found that Castelli was using the company’s truck to make his deliveries around the county.

“It was unique that he was using his work truck, a Verizon truck, to make deliveries and move things around. That took it out of the norm and it gave him a little anonymity,” Sheriff Michael Schiff told Mid Hudson News.

When he was caught, police found him in possession of a garbage bag containing both marijuana clippings and packaged marijuana, and found another 20 pounds after searching his marijuana-growing operation. Castelli was charged with possession of marijuana and unlawfully growing cannabis, a felony and misdemeanor respectively.

Verizon confirmed Castelli’s employment but had no further comment for Utility Fleet eNews.