Azuga, the cloud-based, rewards-driven, connected fleet and driver behavior solution, announced its 1,000-customer milestone. Fleets both large and small, across all industries are benefiting from Azuga Fleet’s comprehensive data reading technology.

Azuga began Q1 2015 with several large fleet deployments, each with more than 2000 vehicles, a testament to the breadth of its offering, and the appeal of enterprise fleet managers to driver-centric, rewards-driven solutions.

In the past, companies were investing in GPS and Mobile Resource Management solutions because of the lofty, inflated ROI they were promised telematics would provide. In addition, the industry remained static even though hardware and wireless data prices were falling rapidly. Unlike traditional fleet telematics solutions, Azuga Fleet’s 69-cent per day pricing has made ROI realization simple and immediate. More importantly, the comprehensive approach to social telematics, a term coined by Azuga, combining driver visibility, gamification, employer-funded rewards, social sharing and Azuga-funded awards, has enabled fleet leaders to migrate from a ‘gotcha’ to a ‘great job’ culture.

The 1,000-customer milestone is marked on the heels of its latest product launch, Azuga Fleet Mobile, the industry’s first-ever driver rewards and gamification program designed to benefit both the company and driver through rewards. Drivers can compete with one another and win cash-back rewards by being the safest or most efficient driver in the fleet. It improves company culture by effortlessly changing driving behavior, and offers instant savings on operational costs.

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