GE Capital Fleet Services today introduced BrightWorks Insights, a fleet analytics platform that brings together data from drivers, vehicles, fleet services, and third parties to enable companies to make smarter fleet management decisions.

BrightWorks Insights helps fleet managers visualize key performance indicators and drill down into the data faster and more effectively, according to GE Capital Fleet Services.

GE Capital Fleet Services is offering four BrightWorks modules for fuel, alternative fuels, maintenance, and driver performance.

BrightWorks Fuel is a map-based module that allows fleet managers to see mileage performance across a fleet, compare it to deep fleet and industry benchmarks, and use an advanced predictive algorithm to forecast fleet fuel costs at a zipcode level.

BrightWorks Alternative Fuels uses location data to visually overlay fleet locations with local alternative fuel refilling stations to determine where alternative fuel vehicles could reduce fleet costs and carbon emissions.

BrightWorks Maintenance shows fleet managers how well drivers are utilizing their fleets' maintenance networks, and where the maintenance spend is going. Thorough benchmark analytics will help keep fleets well-tuned, drivers on schedule, and costs under control. This capability enables better forecasts and improved recommendations for preventive maintenance and improved network utilization.

BrightWorks Driver Performance delivers fleet managers a dashboard view of driver behavior on key performance indicators such as mileage and unsafe driving incidences, based on a variety of data sources and fleet benchmarks. Armed with this information, companies can target programs where they will have the most impact on fleet safety and cost.

GE Capital Fleet Services is planning to release a mobile app for BrightWorks Insights later in 2015. The app helps to spur positive changes in driver behavior, combining useful and essential apps such as a trip tracker and fuel and maintenance locators with observations and communications designed to improve mileage, maintenance and safe driving habits. The result uses analytics to create a more holistic and effective solution.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet