Chevin Fleet Solutions has signed an agreement with the City of Boston to provide its Web-based enterprise fleet management software to support the city's strategic fleet management initiatives and help the Central Fleet Management team deliver significant ongoing cost savings, according to the company.

The City of Boston recognized the need to streamline repetitive processes, capture and store complete fleet related data centrally while supporting remote access for is departmental customers across the city.

Once deployed, the FleetWave system will allow Central Fleet Management to realize greater control over its operations by automating workshop repair and maintenance scheduling; provide enhanced integration with its onsite parts supplier NAPA, while streamlining the city's monthly billing process. In addition, FleetWave will automatically integrate with the city's E. J. Ward fuel management system to ensure this high cost area is effectively tracked and exceptions flagged for management review.

"FleetWave's unique asset-centric architecture will support the City of Boston's complex equipment requirements, while allowing the DPW team to improve preventive maintenance and compliance oversight," said Ron Katz, SVP North American Sales. "FleetWave's native ability to integrate with third-party systems like NAPA's proprietary store management system — TAMS and the E. J. Ward fuel management system will also help the city achieve its goal of proactively maintaining their inventory as well as sustainable fleet operations."

The City of Boston maintains a diverse municipal fleet of approximately 1,200 pieces of equipment, off road and support vehicles, all of which will be managed using the FleetWave system.

Originally posted on Government Fleet