For the last decade, the Ford team has been working tirelessly to make sure all new vehicle launches are supported by a service parts availability program that sets the bar for the industry. Since 2002, Ford has successfully ensured that nearly 100% of all new service and maintenance parts associated with new model launches are available when vehicles hit showroom floors. This year, Ford is on par to achieve the same success with 16 launches under way.

“For new vehicle launches, there is no aftermarket for parts,” said Mike McIsaac, manager, Release, Catalog and New Model, Ford Customer Service. “We don’t launch a vehicle until we know original engineered (OE) parts designed specifically for that vehicle are available to do maintenance and repairs, if needed. When a customer buys a Ford vehicle, they can rest assured quality OE parts will be accessible to keep it running smoothly.”

Recent launches including the New Expedition/Navigator, Transit Connect, full-size Transit, and the Lincoln MKC all met or exceeded Ford’s rigorous new model vehicle service part availability. Anticipated launches including the F Series truck and the Mustang will also provide the same best-in-class requirements.

The New Model Vehicle Service Part Availability Program is designed to ensure parts are available from Ford and Lincoln dealerships and authorized distributors for servicing Ford vehicles, especially including the newest launches. For more than a decade, Ford has set this standard in North America, and today the program is more than just an expectation of customers — it is part of Ford’s DNA.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet