More than a third of fleet managers identified driver safety as their top concern in a survey conducted by GE Capital Fleet Services.

Driver safety remained the top concern over cost-savings goals and workforce productivity for the second year in a row in the survey, which was conducted at the 2014 NAFA Institute and Expo.

"Fleet managers increasingly are analyzing data to make cost savings, safety, and productivity decisions based on fleet performance and operations," said Doug Peters, analytics leader at GE Capital Fleet Services.

In the survey, 35 percent of fleet managers identified driver safety as their top concern, while 27 percent said cost-savings goals was at the top of their list. Workforce productivity is the top concern for 22 percent of respondents.

While corporate fleet managers are prioritizing driver safety, their corporate bosses often place the highest value on cost savings. This later concern is the top priority of C-suite executives, 62 percent of fleet managers surveyed said.

In the survey, 43 percent of fleet managers said vehicle purchasing decisions is the best opportunity for cost savings followed by managing maintenance expenses (32 percent) and activating telematics and analytics solutions (22 percent).

The survey also offered several findings around enhancing productivity, analytics for improving efficiency, and use of alternative fuels.

To enhance productivity, fleet managers said having a defined vehicle replacement/cycling plan was a top focal point (30 percent), as well as specifying the appropriate vehicle for the job (27 percent).

When using analytics to improve efficiency and cost savings, 46 percent said they achieved operational efficiency, and 22 percent saw cost savings.

Respondents said alternative fuel vehicles had been added to their fleets (33 percent). An additional 33 percent said they planned to incorporate these vehicles in the next two years.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet