The American Work Platform Training (AWPT) organization announced that there are now half a million valid PAL Cards (Powered Access Licenses, or Powered Access Licensed-Registration in North America) worldwide. The organization said this marks the success of the International Powered Access Federation's (IPAF) voluntary, industry-led operator training program in keeping the use of powered access equipment safe.

“This is a tremendous success for IPAF members,” said IPAF CEO Tim Whiteman. “Our members created and launched the platform operator training program in 1991, not because the law mandated it, but because they had a vision of a safe and professional industry. IPAF manages the program on behalf of its members and the income is re-invested in the training program and other safety initiatives, such as the Click It! harness campaign, the spreader pads campaign, or the accident reporting project.”

A valid PAL Card is international proof that the cardholder has been trained to operate powered access equipment safely and effectively. PAL Cards can be issued in standard or Smart PAL Card (machine-readable) versions. They are valid for five years and can be verified online at

IPAF’s PAL Card operator training program is certified by TÜV as conforming to ISO 18878. There are currently 615 IPAF-approved training centers in 28 countries.