Realizing a need for a dynamic planning and route optimization suite that can effectively aid Santa Claus in his yearly trek around the world on Christmas Eve, Telogis has begun testing its new Telogis Santa Suite this month.

The Telogis Santa Suite is an extension of the company’s comprehensive, SaaS-based location intelligence platform and includes dynamic routing, real-time work order management, commercial navigation, telematics, and mobile integration services for companies with mobile workforces and legendary holiday-oriented characters.

While NORAD has typically provided rough location estimates for Mr. Claus since 1955 using military satellites, radar, fighter jets and Santa cams, it has historically lacked the expertise in providing a comprehensive location platform that includes:

  • Dynamic route planning and  optimization for global present delivery
  • Santa sleigh-driver behavior module
  • Santa/Elf compliance module with Santa-specific HOS and SDIR (Sleigh Driver Inspection Report)
  • Reindeer-specific fuel module
  • Commercial-grade navigation for reindeer-safe roads and flight paths
  • Real-time, elf-compatible work order management

With the addition of the Telogis Santa Suite, Mr. Claus is now able to properly prepare for his epic annual trip around the globe – when customer expectations are at an all-time high, and staying compliant, maximizing uptime mission-critical component to his success, and route mistakes could ruin Christmas for millions of children and their families.

Telogis will be the first company to provide Mr. Claus with support that combines all aspects of the Telogis platform. For more information about the Telogis Santa Suite or other applications on the Telogis platform, please visit

*Fictional product, for your holiday enjoyment only.