Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., a provider of natural gas storage systems, integration, and vehicle system technologies, announced that it was awarded an additional aggregate $3.2 million in new agreements by ZHRO Solutions, LLC, based in Chandler, Ariz. These new agreements are in addition to the $2.6 million development agreement previously awarded by ZHRO to Quantum under which Quantum is developing a fully integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) storage and fuel delivery system for robust and cost-effective aftermarket conversion of heavy duty diesel fleets to run on natural gas. The fuel system module being developed by Quantum includes its high capacity ultra-lightweight Q-Lite natural gas fuel storage tank and ZHRO's  natural gas injection/engine conversion system.

The new agreements include orders for Quantum's storage modules, Quantum's supply of the natural gas fuel system for multiple validation vehicles, development of fuel system control software and oversight of the development and integration of the engine control software system. These full-scale systems, representative of production release design, are scheduled to be delivered to ZHRO in Q4 2013.

Under the strategic development agreement, Quantum and ZHRO will develop a cost-effective, complete natural gas aftermarket system solution for the nation's estimated 4 million medium and heavy duty trucks currently running on expensive diesel fuel, enabling fleet operators to benefit from lower operating costs and reduction in exhaust particulate matter and emissions, made possible by a dedicated conversion to natural gas from diesel.