Poor tire maintenance can have both safety and economic effects for fleets.

An new analysis of this "butterfly effect" has been released by Innovative Products of America (IPA).

IPA's The Butterfly Effect on Tire Maintenance is a white paper analyzing poor tire maintenance and its effects on tread life and fuel economy in the commercial trucking industry, according to the company.

Among the topics covered are the three rules of maximizing tire life and fuel economy, which include:

1. Use only high quality air gauges to ensure accuracy and consistency.

2. Match duals in terms of diameter, not just tread depth.

3. Standardize practices and equipment across all company locations for uniformity and accurate equipment.

"The white paper aims to shed light on the compounded and dramatic effects of poor equipment and the value of addressing the entire problem vs. compartmentalizing different segments of maintenance," says Ian Vinci, vice president of IPA.

The white paper can be downloaded at tirecomparator.com.