GMC has launched a new trailering guide app available at the iTunes store. The free app is designed to give GMC truck users a better understanding of trailering techniques and capabilities. It also helps identify the appropriate GMC model for specific trailering needs, according to the automaker.

“Our customers believe in the right tool for the job, and this app helps them get the most out of their GMC trailering capability in a convenient and accessible way, whether they’re hauling a utility trailer across town or a fifth-wheel cross-country,” said Tony DiSalle, vice president, GMC Marketing.

The app packages trailering tips and information from the trailering section of, including maximum trailer weight ratings by model. When users open the app, they can access information either by selecting a specific GMC model or by entering their trailering needs to identify the right GMC model for the job, according to the automaker.

Also featured is a dedicated learning center with features that include:

  • Trailering 101.
  • Hitches and equipment.
  • Pre-trailering checklist.
  • How GMC trailering technologies work.
  • Power and performance information.
  • Safe trailering techniques.

A third section contains a glossary of commonly used terms, and a fourth category focuses on dinghy (flat) towing. Video content includes Trailering 101 videos developed earlier this year in conjunction with the launch of the all-new 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 full-size pickup. Additional “How To” video content will be added over time to enhance the app’s user experience, GMC said.