BBB Industries and QBR Brake jointly announced that BBB Industries, LLC has acquired substantially all of the assets of QBR Brake, Inc. of Stockton, Calif. QBR is a leading remanufacturer and supplier of semi-loaded disc brake calipers and accessories to the automotive aftermarket in North America. 

The transaction transfers all of QBR’s production and operation assets, intellectual property, inventory and brands to BBB.  “We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the assets of QBR Brake and are excited about the opportunity to add brake products to our growing portfolio of aftermarket service and repair parts,” expressed Joseph Felicelli, CEO of BBB Industries, at the conclusion of the transaction.

“Our power steering product line has provided the company with growth opportunities as our customers recognized that BBB’s product quality and service is also ingrained in our power steering product offering,” commented Trey Smart, BBB’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development.  Trey added “We expect to provide this same dedicated approach to our customers regarding calipers.”