Riggins Oil, a family owned and operated fuel distribution company, has partnered with Cellcontrol to prevent distracted driving in its fleet of more than 75 medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Cellcontrol is the world’s leading technology that stops distracted driving by disabling mobile devices while a vehicle is in motion.

Powered by patented non-pairing Bluetooth technology, Cellcontrol prevents drivers from inappropriately using their phones to text, email, browse the web, etc. Riggins installed Cellcontrol’s “Trigger” hardware in each truck’s JBUS port and set a fleet safety policy specifically for its company.  Now when Riggins drivers are in transit, they will have fewer distractions so that they can focus on driving safely.

“At Riggins, safety is our number one priority – not just for our own fleet, but for the communities we serve,” said Matthew Riggins, strategy director at Riggins.  “We chose Cellcontrol because it enabled us to set our own company distracted driving policy and enforce this policy seamlessly.  Since my great grandfather founded the company in 1926, we have been guided by a commitment to responsibility and reliability for our customers and communities, and this innovative new technology is in line with these core values.”

“Riggins is a regional leader in the oil and gas industry with its proactive fleet safety policy,” said Kevin Coppolino, vice president of corporate development at Cellcontrol.  “Cellcontrol is proud to call them a customer and help keep their drivers, assets and community safe.  We’re pleased to see more and more fleets like Riggins turn to Cellcontrol to reduce roadway risk.”

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