The inaugural Global Fleet Management Conference Phoenix, which will be held in Phoenix, Ariz., Sept. 30-Oct. 1, with post-conference sessions on Oct. 2, will feature a number of educational sessions designed specifically for fleet managers with global, and multi-regional, responsibilities.

To register, visit the Global Fleet Management Conference Phoenix’s registration page hereThe full agenda is available here, and select educational sessions during the event include the following:

Identifying the Products and Services Offered by Fleet Management Companies around the World

Identify the services and products available on a global basis, and understand how fleet leasing varies internationally through this session, which explains the diversity of products and services available. You will learn how risk, lease obligations for financial reporting, ability to leverage volume, etc. vary between countries. Find out about the various types of leasing available around the world and when you should use a full-cost lease, open-end or closed-end lease. Through this session, you will get an overview of the different lease products and their pros and cons. You will also be provided with suggestions for leveraging your purchasing power, gain knowledge of the best practices in negotiating global fleet leasing agreements, and learn how much to outsource in a global environment.

How Procurement and Fleet Management Can Work Together to Better Engage Global Stakeholders and Develop Innovative Supplier Strategies

This seminar will focus on how global fleets manage purchases in climate where the prevailing trend is to separate purchasing from fleet management. You’ll learn how companies can manage this “separation of power” while unifying vastly different markets, including those in the U.S., Canada and Europe, under single globally-leveraged agreements. Also, discussed will be industry's best practices in achieving fleet stakeholder acceptance in meeting corporate-wide fleet sustainability initiatives and what companies are doing in terms of global agreements.

Closing General Session: The Challenges in Operating a Fleet in Emerging Markets

This session will examine the fleet markets in Brazil, China, Russia, and India. Fleet experts will provide an analysis of the varied forces that affect operations by subject.

To register, visit the Global Fleet Management Conference Phoenix’s registration page here.

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