Check out the latest integration news from Fleet Response.   -  Photo: Work Truck

Check out the latest integration news from Fleet Response. 

Photo: Work Truck

Fleet Response announced that it is undergoing a strategic transformation by integrating Paragon Subrogation Services, LLC. 

According to a company release, this move is part of Fleet Responses' commitment to innovation, growth, and delivering enhanced value to customers and partners. 

Fleet Responses decided to integrate Paragon into Fleet Response to align its brand identity with the evolving landscape of claim management and subrogation. This integration will not change the services its clients have come to rely on. 

All services previously provided by Paragon will continue under the Fleet Response brand. The experienced and dedicated team that our clients have worked with will remain unchanged, and our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions will remain unwavering. 

Paragon Subrogation Services, LLC was founded by Ani Naccachian and her husband, Ray Naccachian, in 1995. The family-owned business in Chatsworth, California, earned a valuable reputation as subrogation and arbitration leaders in the carrier-to-carrier insurance world. In 2021, Fleet Response acquired Paragon and has since run both brands simultaneously.

“Our integration with Paragon Subrogation reflects our commitment to adaptability and innovation, ensuring that we continue to meet the needs of our customers in a rapidly changing landscape," said President Allison Lanzilotta. “Paragon Subrogation has been an integral part of our journey. As we incorporate Paragon, we express our gratitude to all those who have been part of this brand's success, especially Ray and Ani (Naccachian).” 

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