Work Truck Week is March 5–8, 2024 at Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. - Photo: NTEA/Work Truck

Work Truck Week is March 5–8, 2024 at Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

Photo: NTEA/Work Truck

Work Truck Week, a work truck event on March 5–8, 2024, at Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis announced new sessions available on March 5.

Education is one of the core components that make Work Truck Week more than a trade show. The educational program includes a range of in-depth Special Sessions and shorter Breakout Sessions focused on ideas and strategies to help attendees improve efficiency, implement best practices and enhance operational growth. 

Work Truck Week and Green Truck Summit  Conference Package registrants can attend any WTW Breakout Session March 5–7. These sessions run about 75 minutes.

Upfitting on EVs: Chassis OEM Perspectives 

The session features Ray Eyles, chief engineer, Ford Transit, Ford Motor Company; David Roberts, engineering group manager, General Motors Upfitter Integration; and a representative from Stellantis will answer common questions addressing topics like what can and can’t be done with the high-voltage battery, application engineering guides, managing battery temperatures and welding procedures. 

Getting Started with Fleet Management 

This session introduces key elements of an effective fleet management plan. Designed for new fleet managers or business owners, agency directors, procurement or finance officials serving as de facto fleet managers, it covers maintenance program design, outsourcing and supplier measurement, managing vehicle total cost of ownership and more.

Creating a Roadmap to Increase Truck Dealer Commercial Vehicle Sales 

Truck dealers can learn during this session innovative business improvement strategies and techniques for gaining new customers.

Essential Economic Insights

Each year, attendees at Work Truck Week eagerly anticipate the insightful economic overview and market forecast presented by Latin-Kasper and Andrej Divis, the Executive Director of Global Heavy Truck Research at S&P Global Mobility.

This perennially favored session offers attendees essential economic and market insights, enabling them to enhance their business planning strategies. The duo not only provides but also interprets crucial information, offering valuable guidance for optimizing business planning processes.

Among the highlights of the session is a North American chassis sales forecast, a pivotal element for effective market planning.

Crucial Aspects of Commercial Vehicle Certification

The work truck sector relies on an intricate manufacturing procedure, involving numerous small enterprises entrusted with designing, customizing, and constructing final vehicles tailored to specific applications.

Additionally, these companies must ensure that the vehicles adhere to motor vehicle safety standards.

In their presentation, Raybuck and Spata will delve into the fundamentals of commercial vehicle certification.

Beyond merely affixing a label to a work truck, certification entails a dedication to adhering to precise and consistent processes. This commitment serves to reassure customers about the vehicle's safety, reliability, and durability.

The duo will address 10 prevalent misconceptions related to certification, emphasize the significance of proper certification, and shed light on potential pitfalls in the certification process.           

Work Truck Week 2023: Medium-Duty Trucks

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in October, 2023 and updated with new information. 

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