The new tool helps eliminate manual handling and improve safety through less lifting.

The new tool helps eliminate manual handling and improve safety through less lifting.

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Terex Utilities recently released a video that demonstrates how distribution crews can easily install screw anchors.

The Terex Utilities Hollow Kelly Bar allows digger derrick operators can shorten the time it takes for every screw anchor that needs to be installed.

Terex Utilities’ design combines the auger extension shaft and screw anchor drive. The screw anchor rod inserts directly into the hollow Kelly Bar, eliminating the need for a screw anchor adaptor on the digger derrick.

“This helps eliminate manual handling, improves safety through less lifting, and increases productivity,” said Greg Adler, Auger Tooling Account Manager.

Increasing Productivity With Terex Utilities

In a side-by-side comparison, Terex Utilities shows how the process takes only about 34 seconds using the Hollow Kelly Bar versus 2-1/2 minutes with the heavier locking dog and square bar once the auger is removed.

In addition, the Hollow Kelly Bar with spring-loaded cam action continues to be used as the auger extension shaft, making it just as easy to switch from digging a hole at increased depth, then setting screw anchors before moving to the next pole.

“In situations where multiple utility poles are being installed, productivity is dramatically improved,” said Adler. Equally important, is how much less manual handling is needed. “The square bar can weigh as much as 58 lbs. and the locking dog can weigh as much as 36 lbs. in a traditional setup. By eliminating that you are reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries,” he said.






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