Knowing what is happening with OEM truck orders is essential to proper truck fleet buying and...

Knowing what is happening with OEM truck orders is essential to proper truck fleet buying and purchase planning needs. 

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Wheels keeps fleets updated with frequent reports fleet ordering details and updates. Work Truck has gone through the updates from Wheels and provided our truck fleet readers with the relevant updates from Ford, General Motors, Stellantis, Toyota, and Nissan: 

Ford Truck & Van Buying Updates

Ford has a quarterly allocation methodology for approved fleet customers on their popular models, including the Ford F-150 (ICE and Lightning), Maverick, Medium Trucks, Ranger, Super Duty, Transit (all models), and Transit Connect. According to Wheels, customers who do not receive approval to order will be allowed to place a limited number of orders per quarter, typically 3-5, the amount will vary by model and quarter.

Ford indicated it will be very difficult to secure allocation of F-150 Lightning orders, especially those placed by clients without specific approval to order them. In terms of pricing and incentives, Ford CPA programs will not provide price protection to intro pricing and pricing could fluctuate from quarter to quarter. Ford has announced that National Fleet Incentives will be zero on MY2023 models and they will NOT honor CPA incentives (56A) on out-of-stock purchases. 

Ordering for the Transit Van ended on August 5, with Q12023 ordering opening on Oct. 17, 2022. Ranger and F-150 order cutoffs have already happened. 

General Motors Fleet Update

According to Wheels, General Motors implemented a pre-approval process for the following truck and van models: Silverado/Sierra HD Crew and Express/Savana. Clients are being approved to order in waves, which began in June 2022. 

All Silverado and Sierra HD orders had to be placed with GM by 9/30/22.  Colorado ordering begins in the 4th quarter of 2022 and will likely be available to pre-approved clients only.

In terms of pricing, GM Cap agreements will not include price protection to intro pricing, according to Wheels. 

Stellantis Ordering Update

Wheels noted that no special allocation will be assigned for Stellantis. The MY2023 VIP Programs have been finalized.

In terms of ordering for MY2023: Ram 1500 (DT models) and 2500 thru 5500 – open for ordering Ram 1500 Classic – early November. Promaster ordering is already shut down for the model year. 

Nissan Orders Closed

Nissan closed all MY2023 orders on Sept. 30, 2022. 

More Updates

Wheels provided additional details on upfits, out-of-stock vehicles, and remarketing: 

  • Upfit vehicles – lead times have increased.
  • Out-of-stocks – continue to be difficult to source as dealer inventory is at an all-time low and dealers continue to be unwilling to sell limited inventory to fleet customers. Prices are higher than normal—often above MSRP.
  • Remarketing – with fleets needing to hold onto vehicles longer, resale values are strong.

From Work Truck's research, parts shortages continue to impact vehicle orders with several components adding to the lead time, including anything with a semiconductor chip. Additional shortages include some paint colors, spray-in bedliners, all of which has been changing daily. 

There is a lot that impacts your truck purchases  it's important to understand current truck ordering trends, challenges, and know how to keep trucks on hand during these far more challenging times. 

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