The new product uses Motorq’s secure, cloud-based analytics platform to analyze data directly...

The new product uses Motorq’s secure, cloud-based analytics platform to analyze data directly from fleet vehicles and provide actionable insights for fleet managers.

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Element Fleet Management Corp. announces the launch of Element Connectivity Solutions, a new offering that includes two products: QConnect and DriverCare CoPilot. The products are intended for fleet operators seeking OEM-embedded and mobile device vehicle connectivity solutions, Element said in a press announcement.


QConnect is designed to deliver day-to-day baseline fleet capabilities built on the Motorq platform, including real-time location, diagnostics, maintenance alerts, EV health, and basic driver behavior and policy compliance tools.

QConnect extracts data directly from OEM connected vehicles to give  snapshots of vehicle and fleet performance to improve driver and vehicle productivity and deliver a holistic understanding of fleet health and utilization.

Element clients now have the option with QConnect to link their various fleet connectivity solutions into a single integrated view and advanced analytics module options. 

DriverCare CoPilot

The second platform combines a smartphone application for drivers and a web portal built on the Cambridge Mobile Telematics platform with driving trend data available to fleet and safety managers.

The company says DriverCare CoPilot reduces fleet risk and related costs by enabling fleets a view of driving behavior through the web portal, which generates an overall behavioral score based on distracted driving, speeding, harsh braking, hard acceleration, and harsh cornering. Safety managers will be able to improve driver behavior using mobile phones and a gamified experience.

“The decision to create QConnect and DriverCare CoPilot emerged from discussions with clients and prospects seeking ‘best fit’ connectivity solutions that meet the unique needs of their fleets,” David Madrigal, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Element, says. “From full-service telematics to OEM connected vehicle data to mobile app solutions, Element Connectivity Solutions provide more accurate and real-time vehicle and driver data empowering greater, deeper dive analysis that will take the performance of fleets to a whole new level.”

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