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Collision Avoidance Technology

Kenworth T680 Now Comes Standard with Bendix Wingman Fusion

Kenworth is offering the Bendix Wingman Fusion advanced driver assistance system as standard equipment for its flagship on-highway truck.

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Collision Avoidance May Have Lessened Truck Crash Damage

A collision avoidance system might have prevented or lessened the severity of a 2016 crash between a tractor-trailer and an SUV that killed six people and injured five, according to a new report from the National Transportation Safety Board.

How to Use Technology in Truck Accident Management

Technology is impacting accident costs on all sides, from helping to reduce the number of overall accidents to increasing the cost of accident repairs.

Are Your Brakes up to Snuff?

With all the advantages provided by today’s advanced safety systems, what a shame it would be if they couldn’t live up to their potential because of poorly maintained foundation brakes or inadequate friction material.

It’s a Great Time to Be in the Fleet Business

It’s a great time for fleet managers to make a real difference, save money, save lives, and make their businesses more productive.

Study Underscores Merits of Automatic Braking Tech

European and Australian researchers conclude that vehicles equipped with such technology were involved in 38 percent fewer rear-end crashes, compared to vehicles without the technology.

Ford Edge's Perpendicular Park Assist System

Ford has rolled out its Enhanced Park Assist option on its 2015 Edge mid-size SUV. The sensor-based system helps the SUV navigate into a parking space from a 90-degree angle with minimal driver interaction. View a photo gallery of the 2015 Edge here.