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Snap-on Adds Diagnostic Calculator to Website

To find the user’s potential return on investment, the diagnostic calculator asks a few simple questions such as how many times a week does the shop connect to a vehicle or total service/health checks.

Telematics to Help Web Service Company Cut Costs

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - With a goal of significantly reducing its operating costs, Web Service Company, a national laundry services provider, has signed a new, three-year agreement with GE Capital Fleet Services to use GE's Monitor and Intelligent Ops telematics solutions.

New Wireless Internet Available for Chevrolet Models

DETROIT - A new dealer-installed system now available for several Chevrolet models enables full Internet access inside the vehicle, and up to a 150 feet radius around the vehicle with a laptop or mobile Wi-Fi device.

Will You Need Fewer Fleet Vehicles in an Era of Hyperconnectivity?

In Tuesday’s blog, I likened predicting the future to a billiard game to illustrate that seemingly unrelated events can influence the future direction of the fleet market – events we may never see coming. With this in mind, let’s rack up our hypothetical balls, placing the “fleet ball” in the center of the rack. Let’s whack the cue ball to see what new fleet scenario may unfold from this catalyst. In this new analogy, the cue ball catalyst is a relatively recent concept called hyperconnectivity.