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Fleet FAQ? Fleet Tracking and Telematics

Q. What other benefits should I think about when looking to purchase a telematics solution?

A. Adoption rate – invest in a solution that you can truly see your end users – such as fleet managers and dispatchers – using on a consistent basis, no matter their location. The ultimate goal is to have users actually want to login and interact with the features provided which leads to a high adoption rate and increased longevity of the solution being used in multiple ways by different roles. It is important to note that they shouldn’t spend hours upon hours in the solution, instead spend a concentrated amount of time finding the information they need quickly so they can put it into action.

Time to action – understand the time it takes to absorb any data you pull from the solution and how quickly it will impact your fleet as well as your bottom line. Knowing how quickly you can go from data analysis to driver coaching will help turn reactive behaviors into proactive behaviors, saving you time and ultimately helping your bottom line grow. Pay special attention to metrics that impact ROI hot topics like productivity, safety and cost control (think payroll and fuel) and work to understand how having access to hard data will help you improve your business both short and long term.

Sales Demonstration – bring a list of questions and defined use cases specific to your business goals to the product demonstration. Seeing how the solution can solve real-life issues you may face will give you a good idea of how the product will help you when the going gets tough as well as how it can help you be proactive when it comes to coaching and real-time improvements.

Expert Bio

Answered by : Erin Cave from Verizon Connect

Vice President of Product Management, Verizon Connect

Erin Cave is the Vice President of Product Management at Verizon Connect.

Erin Cave is the Vice President of Product Management at Verizon Connect.


Fleet FAQ? Fleet Tracking and Telematics, Questions?

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