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April 2017, Work Truck - Cover Story

Ford F-650/F-750 Repeats Medium-Duty Truck of the Year Win

The 2017 Medium-Duty Truck of the Year award was presented to John Ruppert, Ford general manager, commercial vehicle sales and marketing (left) and John Scholtes, Ford chief program engineer, commercial vehicles (right) by Lauren Fletcher, executive editor of WT. (Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

By Lauren Fletcher

The F-650/F-750 lineup includes Regular Cab, SuperCab, and Crew Cab body styles, as well as straight-frame, kick-up frame Pro Loader, and a dedicated tractor model for special towing applications.

Tags: Recognition, Medium-Duty Trucks, Ford, Awards, Medium-Duty Truck of the Year Award, Ford F-650, Ford F-750

April 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Aftertreatment System: A New System Not to be Overlooked

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment systems can drive up capital costs as well as maintenance costs. (Photo:

By Bob Stanton

Many fleet operators may not realize that aftertreatment systems are often vulnerable to compromise and failure due to seemingly minor and unrelated causes that have been largely ignored in routine maintenance practices.

Tags: Preventive Maintenance, Inspections, diesel exhaust aftertreatment, Regen

March 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Taking Action: Getting Prepared for the ELD Mandate


By Lauren Fletcher

Taking action to ensure on-time compliance with the upcoming ELD mandate is important. Here are 10 steps fleet managers can take to be fully compliant by the December deadline.

Tags: ELDs, ELD Mandate, Compliance, Safety

March 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Top Questions About the ELD Mandate


By Lauren Fletcher

The basics of the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate will help you determine if further research and compliance are needed.

Tags: Regulations, ELDs, ELD Mandate, Safety, Compliance

March 2017, Work Truck - Feature

All About the ELD Mandate


By Lauren Fletcher

From the basics regarding compliance to details regarding costs and benefits, everything the vocational truck fleet manager needs to know about the upcoming deadline for the ELD mandate is shared.

Tags: Regulations, Compliance, ELDs, ELD Mandate, FMCSA

March 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Know Your Fluids: Coolants and DEF


By Shelley Ernst

Fluids are critical for fleet health — are you current on your fluid knowledge? In part two of this three-part series, how to make the right choices about and maintain coolant and fluid options are shared.

Tags: Maintenance, DEF, Vehicle Fluids, Coolants

March 2017, Work Truck - Cover Story

Tire PMs: Low-Tech Solutions for Cost Control

Why is so little emphasis placed on tire preventive maintenance? Is it because, in the words of a popular advertising campaign, “Tires Ain’t Pretty”? (Photo:

By Bob Stanton, CPM, CPFP

This six-part series covers essential processes needed for effective preventive maintenance. Despite so many high-tech options on the market, fleets must remember tried-and-true methods for an effective tire program. 

Tags: Maintenance, Tires, Preventive Maintenance

March 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Electrical Systems: Proactive Measures for Protection

Using a voltmeter ormultimeter (pictured) isnecessary for checkinga battery’s charge. (Photo:

By Bob Stanton, CPM, CPFP

In part two of this six-part series, tips for maintaining electrical systems are shared, including helpful tools and best practices for battery maintenance and replacement.

Tags: Maintenance, Electrical System, Preventive Maintenance

February 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Pros and Cons of On-Site Fueling

Photo courtesy of Flickr/JefferyTurner

By Lauren Fletcher

From pricing to convenience, there are many benefits for an on-site fueling facility. But, time to recoup initial investments and additional maintenance requirements should be considered.

Tags: Diesel, Gasoline, Fuel Management, Propane Autogas, Compressed Natural Gas, On-Site Fueling

February 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Know Your Fluids: Oils

Photo from

By Shelley Ernst

Fluids are critical for fleet health — are you current on your fluid knowledge? In part 1 of this three-part series, making the right choices about which oil to use, maintenance needs, and more are shared.

Tags: Diesel Engines, Engines, Oils, Engine Oils, Gasoline Engines

February 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Delivery Fleet's Van Reaches 500,000 Miles

After adding it to the delivery fleet, the 2012 model-year Nissan NV3500 traveled more than 550,000 miles. (Photo: Above and Beyond Transportation)

By Lauren Fletcher

Delivery fleets are always on the road, putting miles on their vehicles faster than most other vocational fleets. While newer vehicles are extending lifecycles beyond previous models, one fleet van hit the half-million-mile mark.

Tags: Cargo Vans, Nissan, Delivery Fleets, Nissan NV, Full-Size Vans, Vehicle Lifecycles

February 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Controlling Creeping Fleet Costs


By Jack Roberts

Running a successful fleet means keeping an eye on both your front office costs, as well as what’s happening in your shop and in the yard.

Tags: Operating Costs, Depreciation, Procurement, Full-Service Leasing, Maintenance Costs

February 2017, Work Truck - Cover Story

Tips for Spec'ing Engines and Transmissions

The PACCAR PX-7 engine is utilized on Kenworth medium-duty truck models. (Photo: Kenworth)

By Lauren Fletcher

With new advancements in technology impacting price, fuel economy, and maintenance intervals, properly spec’ing engines and transmissions for your work trucks is more important than ever.

Tags: Engines, Drivers, Diesel Engines, Truck Engines, Gasoline Engines, Truck Transmissions, Transmissions

January 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Learning to Operate a Crane

The Stellar 7621 Telescopic Service Crane was mounted on a Stellar service body and constructed by Pomona, Calif.-based Phenix Enterprises. (Photo: Mike Antich)

By Roselynne Reyes

Bobit Business Media editors learned how to operate a truck-mounted crane with help from equipment manufacturer Stellar Industries and custom truck builder Phenix Enterprises.

Tags: Service Bodies, Stellar Industries, Cranes, Utility Bodies, Mechanics Truck

January 2017, Work Truck - Feature

10 Disadvantages to Using an Upfitter Service Level Agreement

An SLA that is overly rigid can have the unintendedconsequence of driving inefficient production. (PHOTO: Reading Truck Body)

By Mike Antich

Standardized delivery timelines stipulated in an SLA can create unrealistic expectations. Also, the relationship can become transactional in nature, with a risk of damaging the relationship if there are penalties for missed metrics.

Tags: Upfitting, Service Level Agreements, SLA

January 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Benefits of a Service Level Agreement with Upfitters

An SLA should include a quality assurance process to cover defects, warranty claims, or customer complaints. (Photo courtesy of RAM Trucks)

By Mike Antich

This two-part article examines the pros and cons of a service level agreement (SLA) with an upfitter. Part 1 examines the advantages of an SLA and how to correctly structure its metrics. Part 2 will examine 10 potential disadvantages.

Tags: Service Level Agreements, SLAs

January 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Tips to Prevent Slips

Whether walking or driving, traction aids such as Traction Magic can help prevent slips, falls, or accidents. (Image courtesy of Traction Magic)

By Traction Magic

With snowy weather overtaking much of the U.S. right now, ensure fleet drivers stay safe and slip free both while driving and when getting to and from their vehicles.

Tags: Vehicle Traction, Traction Magic, Anti-Slip

January 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Sprinter Charges Ahead

European-style vans, which were engineered for the narrow streets of Europe, adapt well to crowded urban environments. (Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz)

By Jack Roberts

Since its introduction to the North American market two decades ago, European-style vans have become a mainstay in the fleet industry. The van that started it all in America continues forging into the future.

Tags: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Cargo Vans, Full-Size Vans, Diesel Engines

January 2017, Work Truck - Cover Story

Effectively Managing Fuel in Truck Fleets

Photo courtesy of Flickr/JefferyTurner

By Roselynne Reyes

Managing fuel is about so much more than a price tag. Fuel professionals share insight into best practices for fleets to get a handle on rising costs, cut down on fuel use, and keep track of purchases.

Tags: Diesel, Fuel Prices, Fuel Management, Fuel Costs, Truck Fuel

January 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Building Better Vehicles

Truck toolbox lid-latch-support joined with a structural adhesive eliminates warpage and stress concentrations common with welding. (Photo courtesy of LORD Corp.)

By Bob Zweng & Tim Jackson, LORD Corp.

Rather than welding components together, structural adhesives are becoming more common in custom upfit work vehicles.

Tags: Welding, Structural Adhesives, LORD Corporation, Truck Upfitting

December 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Euro-Style Cargo Vans Break the Mold

Euro-style vans, like the Ram ProMaster City,  offer more cargo room than box-style vans and are more easily configurable for a variety of upfitting options. (Photo courtesy of FCA US)

By Jack Roberts

A new breed of commercial van is sweeping the country with capabilities and features unheard of just a few years ago. Here’s why many experts think these vans will soon dominate in light- and medium-duty fleets.

Tags: Nissan NV, Ram ProMaster, Ford Transit, Cargo Vans, Full-Size Vans, Compact Vans

December 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Vocational Spotlight: Government, Municipal, School Fleets

Adams 12 Five Star Schools’ fleet transports 11,000 students and helps maintain 52 schools and office buildings. (Photo courtesy of Adams 12 Five Star Schools)

By Roselynne Reyes

Between street sweepers, utility trucks, and emergency vehicles, governments need a diverse fleet to serve the public. These fleets face limited budgets, a growing need for fleet data, and widespread alternative-fuel initiatives.

Tags: Government Fleets, School Fleets, Vocational Fleets, City Fleets

December 2016, Work Truck - Cover Story

Work Truck Commemorates 10th Anniversary

Images from

By Lauren Fletcher

From the push to “go green” to new-vehicle launches to mergers and acquisitions, the past decade has been covered in full by the No. 1 vocational truck magazine.

Tags: Fleet History, Work Truck Magazine, Anniversary, 10th Anniversary

November 2016, Work Truck - Department

Prepare for Inclement Weather

(Photo courtesy of Thomas Quine)

By Kathy Close, J.J. Keller

As the end of the year is upon on us, the change in seasons will impact highway safety across the United States. Before beginning or continuing with a run, it is important to monitor weather patterns in the regions drivers are traveling.

Tags: Safety & Compliance, Weather, Emergencies

November 2016, Work Truck - WebXclusive

An ELD Primer for Fleet Managers: Just the Facts

The ultimate goal of the ELD Mandate is to improve safety, not only for drivers but for those with whom they share the road. (Photo: MiX Telematics)

By Pete Allen and John Seidl

The upcoming ELD mandate is the biggest technological change fleet managers have faced in nearly 30 years. A summary of important facts and a primer for fleet managers is shared.

Tags: Regulations, ELDs, ELD Mandate

November 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Overtime Exemption Changes in Late 2016


By Bob Stanton

New changes to the rules governing overtime from the Department of Labor will impact 4.2 million employees and have particularly negative effects on small businesses, non-profits, and small local governments.

Tags: Overtime, Employee Exemptions

November 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Snugtop Joins Truck Accesories Group

The Snugpro XL features a weight-saving fiberglass construction to deliver improved fuel economy with plenty of load carrying capacity. (Photo courtesy of Snugtop)

By Lauren Fletcher

The truck upfitters join forces to combine their strengths and provide commercial fleets with the upfitting products they need.

Tags: SnugTop, Mergers & Acquisitions

November 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Should You Lease or Buy Work Trucks?

Many larger fleets have moved away from purchasing to leasing trucks.(Photo:

By Jack Roberts

Dynamic, fast-moving financial options can create a real dilemma if you’re looking to update your fleet. Luckily, some tried-and-tested baseline rules can help cut through the clutter and secure the financing options you need to grow your business.

Tags: Truck Leasing, Lease vs. Ownership, Truck Ownership

November 2016, Work Truck - Feature

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Upfitting Vans

Spending time in the field and fully understanding your fleet application will help ensure a smooth upfitting process. (Photo courtesy of Ranger Design)

By Lauren Fletcher

Avoid these five common van upfitting mistakes and follow a few important industry best practices to become a seasoned pro at van upfits.

Tags: Adrian Steel, Masterack, Ranger Design, Van Upfitting

November 2016, Work Truck - Cover Story

How to Maximize Truck Resale Values


By Mike Antich

Regardless of the vocational application, companies are in the business of “manufacturing” used vehicles. Today’s new truck is tomorrow’s used truck. How you spec a truck has a direct bearing on its future resale value.

Tags: Vehicle Spec'ing, Truck Resale, Engine Spec'ing

October 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Upfitting High-Roof and Compact Vans

Adrian Steel’s Drop-Down and Grip Lock Ladder Racks provide lighter options for ladder storage and ease of access. (Photo: Adrian Steel)

By Lauren Fletcher

From ladder racks to cargo solutions to partitions and more, van upfitting options are ready for any make, model, and vocational use.

Tags: Cargo Management, Partitions, Ladder Racks, Van Upfitting

October 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Nissan Showcases 2017 Titan

Nissan’s Adventure Drive was held not far from where the Soberanos Fire in California was located. Clouds of ash and smoke drifted near the Carmel Valley Ranch resort. (PHOTO: Andy Lundin)

By Andy Lundin

Nissan unveiled the regular crew cab version of the TITAN and TITAN XD at a summer ride-and-drive event.

Tags: Nissan, Nissan Titan

October 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Telematics in Mixed Truck Fleets: Meeting Challenges, Finding Solutions

CalAmp offers a wide variety of devices ranging from sophisticated tracking devices to OBD-II plug-in devices with extended Parameter ID libraries. (Image courtesy of CalAmp)

By Lauren Fletcher

In part two of this two-part series, challenges and solutions for equipping a mixed truck fleet with a telematics solution are shared.

Tags: Mixed Truck Fleet

October 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Pest Control Fleets Reduce Downtime, Improve Safety

The majority of the Rollins fleet are light-duty Toyota Tacoma trucks, with decals, a topper, toolbox, telematics, cargo net, and other items as standard upfits. (Photo courtesy of Rollins Inc.)

By Lauren Fletcher

Working hard to keep the pests away, these vocational fleets have varied upfitting requirements and have to do all they can to reduce downtime and keep vehicles on the road.

Tags: Light-Duty Trucks, Pest Control Fleets, Rollins Inc., Massey Services

October 2016, Work Truck - Cover Story

Bigger, Brawnier 2017-MY Work Trucks

The Chevrolet Low Cab Forward will debut in seven models, ranging from Class 3-5. (Photo courtesy of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America)

By Jack Roberts

The newest Class 3-7 work truck models feature dramatic new enhancements. New and upgraded vehicles for 2017 come with a variety of improved features that focus on comfort, dependability, and safety.

Tags: 2017-MY, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Hino, Ram Truck

September 2016, Work Truck - Department

Short-Haul Exceptions to the Rule


By Kathy Close, J.J. Keller

Those who travel short distances with their commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) often wonder if they are subject to the same Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) as over-the-road trucking companies.

Tags: Regulations, J.J. Keller, Short-Haul

September 2016, Work Truck - WebXclusive

3 Unexpected Ways Fleet Tracking Will Improve Sales Performance

Image courtesy of Azuga

By Tom Erdman, president, Azuga Fleet

Robust fleet tracking solutions provide countless features that add useful insight to help optimize sales performance. Three ways that you might not expect it to help are shared.

Tags: Azuga, Fleet Tracking

September 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Telematics in Mixed Truck Fleets: Equipment and Reporting

Omnitracs solution covers all truck classes and provides a convenient dashboard to view particular units, exceptions, and more. (Image courtesy of Omnitracs)

By Lauren Fletcher

In part one of this two-part series, best practices in equipping a mixed truck fleet are shared, as well as details on varied reporting capabilities.

Tags: Telematics, Reporting, Telematics Equipment, Mixed Truck Fleet

September 2016, Work Truck - Feature

New Motor Oils Are Coming - Are You Ready?

CK-4 motor oil was developed to improve oil performance and longevity and improve miles per gallon. (Illustration: American Petroleum Institute)

By Bob Stanton

New motor oils are coming to truck engines and lubricant marketers near you this December; here's what you need to know.

Tags: Motor Oil, PC-11, CK-4, FA-4, Heavy Equipment, Natural Gas Engines, Diesel Engines, biodiesel

September 2016, Work Truck - WebXclusive

How to Make the Transition to ELD in 6 Important Steps

ELD Timeline courtesy of MiX Telematics

By Pete Allen, MiX Telematics

With the deadline for the FMCSA’s ELD Mandate Final Rule just around the corner, check out tips to make the journey to compliance in six straightforward steps.

Tags: Regulations, MiX Telematics, ELD Mandate

September 2016, Work Truck - WebXclusive

Selecting a Cab Chassis vs. Cutaway Chassis

Cab chassis cover that entire span while cutaway chassis are only available as Class 2-4. If your application calls for a Class 1 or Class 5-8 vehicle, a cab chassis is your only choice. (Photo courtesy of Knapheide)

By Knapheide

There are numerous considerations to be made the next time you choose between a cutaway or cab chassis. Cab configuration, maneuverability, vehicle class, desired body, off-road frequency, and cost should all play a role in the selection process.

Tags: Knapheide, Chassis Cab, Cutaway Chassis

September 2016, Work Truck - Feature

High-Roof Vans Set New Productivity, Efficiency Standards

Dejana’s exterior shelving system allows customers to keep equipment off the floor and ready to use. (Photo courtesy of Dejana)

By Jack Roberts

High-roof vans offer greater shelving capacity for tools and cargo and better ergonomics, reducing strain on workers.

Tags: Adrian Steel, Masterack, Ranger Design, Dejana Truck Equipment, Van Upfitting

September 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Upfitting Options for Light-Duty Trucks

The Supreme Spartan Service Body features a  horizontal compartment door that can be used as a workbench. (Photo courtesy of Supreme)

By Lauren Fletcher

Light-duty trucks are often used by vocational fleets, and the needs of these fleets vary. Upfitting options range from storage solutions and inserts to full service bodies and everything in between.

Tags: Light-Duty Trucks, Upfitters, Truck Upfitting

September 2016, Work Truck - WebXclusive

Simple Light-Duty Truck Tire Maintenance Tips

Photo courtesy of Goodyear

By Ryan Holtzer, Tires by Web

If you want to lower your operating costs and improve the effectiveness of your light-duty trucks, while also reducing the risk of roadside breakdowns, it's time to pay attention to tire maintenance.

Tags: Maintenance, Truck Tires, Light-Duty Trucks, Tires

September 2016, Work Truck - Cover Story

Ford's All-New 2017 F-Series Super Duty

The all-new 2017 Ford F-250 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4 single-rear-wheel pickup is the most popular model in the Super Duty lineup. It offers a combination of conventional, gooseneck and fifth-wheel towing capability. (Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

By Mike Antich

This is the first all-new Super Duty truck in 18 years. Key enhancements include a high-strength aluminum body and box for all body styles, an all-new high-strength steel frame, improved fuel economy, and greater towing capabilities.

Tags: Ford F-550, Ford F-450, Ford F-350, Ford F-250, Ford, 2017-MY, Ford Super Duty, Large Pickups

August 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Innovative Truck and Van Upfits

The BrandFX composite aerial body is one solution they provide for aerial trucks used by the telecommunications industry. (Photo: BrandFX)

By Lauren Fletcher

Rarely does one-size-fit-all in vehicle spec’ing and truck and van upfits are case-in-point. Manufacturers work to stay one step ahead of fleet needs with constant improvement and new product advancements.

Tags: Utility Fleets, Service Fleets, Van Upfitting, Truck Upfitting, Truck Storage, Van Shelving

August 2016, Work Truck - Feature

Consequences of Extended Truck Replacement Cycles

Service and utility fleets often have the highest capitalized costs, primarily due to upfitting, and tend to be those companies that keep their vehicles in service the longest. (Photo:

By Mike Antich

The more expensive the asset, the longer it is kept in service; however, the need for short-term cost savings prompts some fleets to even further extend cycling parameters and defer replacements.

Tags: Spec'ing, Replacement Cycles, Downtime

August 2016, Work Truck - Cover Story

Spec'ing Trucks to Maximize Productivity

One consequence to under-spec’ing is it may require multiple trips due to limited payload capacity and may cause situations where the truck is overloaded. the truck. (Photo:

By Mike Antich

The No. 1 consideration when spec’ing a truck is payload. The weight of the payload determines the engine displacement, transmission, size of tires, and frame type. You determine the payload by determining the fleet application.

Tags: Productivity, Spec'ing, Fuel Efficiency, Overloading

July 2016, Work Truck - Department

The Ins and Outs of the ELD Mandate

PHOTO: JJ Keller

By Kathy Close

The mandate to install electronic logging devices (ELDs) was published late in 2015, leaving many companies wondering if they are subject to the rulemaking. Several questions have arisen regarding potential exceptions.

Tags: Regulations, J.J. Keller, Electronic Logging Devices, ELDs

July 2016, Work Truck - Feature

20 Spec'ing Mistakes that Negatively Impact Truck Resale

By Mike Antich

When spec'ing a truck, it is critical to find the balance between building a truck to perform the intended job function and ensuring there will be a strong secondary buyer demand in the resale market at the end of its lifecycle.

Tags: Truck Specs, Truck Resale


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Mike Antich
Fleet Will Need to Reinvent Itself as a New Vision of Fleet Management Emerges

By Mike Antich
Over the past several decades, the purchasing managers of yesteryear reinvented themselves into procurement professionals whose function is now viewed as a strategic asset that provides a competitive advantage to a corporation. Can fleet management, likewise, elevate its perceived value to a corporation, especially in the eyes of its senior management? I say yes, and the timing is right to do so.

Deciphering the DNA of Award-Winning Fleet Professionals

By Mike Antich

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Lauren Fletcher
How to Stay Motivated

By Lauren Fletcher
For many, it’s easy to feel a sense of motivation at the start of a new year, but as the year progresses it can be tough to stay motivated, especially if you are feeling behind on your goals or feeling burned out in your day-to-day grind. Here are seven ways to help you stay motivated.

Check Up on Your Annual Goals

By Lauren Fletcher

Driving Notes

Chris Brown
2018 Mercedes Benz GLS450 4MATIC

By Chris Brown
The Mercedes-Benz GLS450 is the S class of SUVs. That’s expressed through Mercedes’ new nomenclature, which as of the 2017 model year carries the same levels across SUVs, sedans, coupes, and roadsters.

2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Chief

By Stephane Babcock

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Fair and Balanced

By Sherb Brown
The mainstream media may have sold out lock stock and barrel to the fringe elements but as a fleet decision maker you still have some tremendous resources that you can rely on.

New Faces in Safe Places

By Sherb Brown

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Dylan Brown
What Are the Most Valuable Services Offered by FMCs?

By Dylan Brown
What do fleet managers value in their relationships with fleet management companies? The answer may surprise you.

Demand More From Your Fuel Card Provider

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