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May 2008, Work Truck - Cover Story

DuraStar Does the Job Green

By Grace Lauron

To combat volatile diesel fuel prices, Navistar offers truck fleets a greener alternative with the International DuraStar medium-duty diesel hybrid electric truck — offering up to 60 percent more fuel economy than traditional diesel engines.

Tags: DuraStar, Navistar, FPL, HTUF

May 2008, Work Truck - Feature

F-Series Super Duty Named 2008 Medium-Duty Truck of the Year

Len DeLuca (left), director of Ford Commercial Trucks, accepts the Medium-Duty Truck of the Year award from Work Truck magazine Associate Publisher Bob Brown at the National Truck Equipment Association’s 2008 Work Truck Show in Atlanta.

By Cindy Brauer

In online balloting, fleet professionals choose the Ford workhorse from among 20 Class 4-6 vehicles and vehicle series for the first-ever Work Truck award.

Tags: F-Series, Clean Diesel Vehicles, Ford Super Duty, Medium-Duty Trucks, Awards

May 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Gas vs. Diesel

Gas many be the more economical choice for vehicles that will run 25,000 miles or less annually.

By Sean Lyden

Which is best for your fleet? Several factors must be considered when deciding between gas or diesel. The following information will help guide your decision.

Tags: Diesel

May 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Fleets Search for Effective Anti-Idling Solutions

By Joe Bohn

Fleets large and small investigate wireless technologies and changing driver habits to reduce the fuel costs and environmental impact caused by excessive and unnecessary truck idling.

Tags: GPS, Qualcomm, Xata

May 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Bakery Goes Green to Save Green

Charles Feder, owner of Rossmoor Pastries, found his dedicated compressed natural gas vehicles at auto auctions.

By Joan Shim

For Rossmoor Pastries, converting from gasoline-powered delivery vans to a fleet fueled by clean-burning compressed natural gas is saving the company $4,000 per month.

Tags: Natural Gas Vehicles

May 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Slip Seating: Can it Benefit Your Fleet?

By Paul Dexler

Slip seating means rotating drivers through trucks as vehicles are available, rather than assigning a specific driver to a specific unit. In some cases, it can be a public relations as well as financial advantage.

May 2008, Work Truck - Feature

How to Ace a DOT Safety Review

By Joe Bohn

Federal regulators are pushing stricter enforcement of complex vehicle safety regulations. Staying up-to-date with the mandates help commercial fleets avoid heavy fines or shut-downs for noncompliance.

Tags: U.S. DOT

May 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Mobile Workspace Increases with eCoupled Technology

By Connor Izzett

Working on the go just became easier with Leggett’s eCoupled technology, a wireless system that powers devices without the hassle of messy cords.

Tags: Leggett & Platt, eCoupled technology

March 2008, Work Truck - Cover Story

Ford Gets Tougher with the 2008 Super Duty

By Cindy Brauer

The full-size pickup boasts a new 6.4L V-8 turbodiesel engine, refined chassis and suspension, industry-leading towing capacity in the F-450, improved cargo-handling flexibility, and a quiet, more functional interior.

Tags: V8 engine, Large Pickups, Ford Super Duty

March 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Top Truck Fleets by Vehicle Segment

ServiceMaster’s staff manages an 18,096-unit fleet, predominantly light- and medium-duty trucks.

By Lauren Colin

The fastest growing fleet segments are light- and medium-duty trucks, vans, and SUVs. Here are the top 25 fleets in each segment.

Tags: Top Fleets, PG&E, ServiceMaster, Industry Research

March 2008, Work Truck - Feature

GeoFencing Adds to Your Truck Security Arsenal

By Paul Dexler

It’s 2 p.m. Do you know where your trucks are, and, more importantly, what they are doing there? New technology can help you find out. But there can be employee relations downsides.

Tags: GPS

March 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Re-rating GVWR: Why and How it's Done

If the GVW is rated below 26,000 lbs., the driver does not need a commercial driver’s license.

By Paul Dexler

Sometimes, it is not in a fleet’s best interests to have a vehicle at a given GVWR. Changing the GVWR to a special value can be done, but the process is complicated.

Tags: CDL

March 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Medium-Duty Truck Operating Costs Increase (Again)

By Mike Antich

The key reason for the increase was the cost of fuel, in particular, diesel fuel. This has also led to price increases for other oil-based products such as tires, which increased 4-7 percent in the past year. Other PM costs remained flat.

Tags: Operating Costs, Medium-Duty Trucks

March 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Telematics Solutions Help Fleets Improve Productivity & Trim Costs

With Vericom’s MRM solution, Paul J. Rach Co.’s fleet management  reduced overtime, fuel cost, and nonallowed vehicle use.

By Cindy Brauer

Mobile resource management (MRM) systems allow fleet managers to track fuel transactions, streamline routing, monitor driver behavior, automate maintenance alerts, and implement other efficiency-producing functions.

Tags: Maintenance, Telematics, GPS, Driver Behavior, Vericom Technologies, GPS Insight

March 2008, Work Truck - Feature

The NTEA Revs Up for The Work Truck Show 2008

A record 534 exhibitors will present their products and services during The Work Show 2008 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

By Lisajoyce Vergara

The National Truck Equipment Association’s annual convention is a ‘one-stop’ marketplace for industry professionals seeking all aspects of work truck equipment, solutions, and training.

Tags: NTEA, Work Truck Show

March 2008, Work Truck - Feature

GM Moves to Fill the Cutaway Gap

By Paul Dexler

A new 14,200-lb. GVWR G-Van diesel cutaway chassis expands the platform’s capabilities in the commercial market. Potential uses include commercial trucks, ambulances, and shuttle buses.

Tags: Chevrolet, General Motors

March 2008, Work Truck - Feature

RFID Technology Can Help Manage Fleet Loads

By Paul Dexler

Adding tiny RFID tags to incoming and outgoing cargo in trucks can help the driver and the distribution office keep track of items.

Tags: RFID, Cargo Management

March 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Onstar Enhances Fleet Driver Safety & Productivity

With the push of the OnStar button, drivers can obtain turn-by-turn directions, summon roadside assistance, or initiate a vehicle diagnostics check.

By Cheryl Knight

Available on 27 GM truck, van, and SUV models, OnStar helps keep fleet drivers on the road and heading in the right direction. In the event of an accident, help is summoned automatically or is just one button-press away.

Tags: OnStar, Driver Safety, Vehicle Diagnostics, General Motors

January 2008, Work Truck - Cover Story

Hino Trucks are Ready to Run Cleaner

Hino 338 medium-duty model with dump body.

By Cindy Brauer

Hino’s 2008-MY lineup meets EPA emissions standards with a diesel particulate reduction system based on technology proven on more than 1.2 billion miles.

Tags: Hino, Light-Duty Trucks, Medium-Duty Trucks

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Purolator Courier Goes 'Green' with New Electric Delivery Vehicle

The Quicksider EV delivery van displays its kneeling capabilities during its introduction.

By Paul Dexler

Urban package delivery routes usually include lots of stops and starts, but require relatively little long-range driving. Purolator Courier is developing the Quicksider EV, an electric green solution.

Tags: Purolator, delivery, Battery-Electric Vehicles

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

What is the Safety Value of Cargo Partitions in Vans?

Safety partitions help prevent driver and passenger injury caused by shifting cargo loads during a crash or sudden stop.

By Joe Bohn

Cargo partitions add safety and security to fleet vans and can be utilized to turn the front of the cab into a work space.

Tags: Vans

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Turn-Key Ready Delivery Helps Increase Productivity and Revenue

Process Flow From Truck Manufacturer to Delivery: A new delivery process, as re-engineered by AmeriFleet, delivers vehicles direct from upfitters to the end-user, reducing delivery time from 25 days to just 12 days.

By Staff

The process shortens delivery time and helps truck fleets get vehicles on the road faster, providing real bottom-line benefits. Vehicles reach end users inspected, titled, plated, cleaned, and ready to use.

Tags: Upfitting, Amerifleet

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Hybrid Lift Truck Helps Utilities Clean the Air

Odyne partnered with utility equipment manufacturer Dueco to develop an electric-powered aerial lift truck that can operate up to eight hours on one charge.

By Staff

On the job, lift trucks often have to spend the day idling. A plug-in hybrid lift truck can cut much of that fuel use and emissions, while maintaining complete usability.

Tags: Odyne, Bucket Trucks, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Dueco

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Propane Cleans Up Medium-Duty Trucks

Medium-duty trucks such as this GMC Topkick can be ordered with the LPI fuel system.

By Paul Dexler

Not only does propane offer lower capital costs than diesel power, but tax credits are also available for the resulting low-emission vehicles.

Tags: Medium-Duty Trucks, Propane Autogas

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

What Fleet Managers Should Know About Diesel Particulate Filters

Figure 1

By Sean Lyden

Developed to achieve government-mandated diesel emissions levels, DPF operation requires little driver involvement. The units are designed for long life, but must be properly maintained.

Tags: Maintenance, Diesel

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

One Year Later: 2007 Diesel Emission Standards Implications for Fleet Operators

By GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services

What are the considerations for your fleet today, when it comes to 2007 diesel emission standards?

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

GM Enhances Safety in Full-Size Vans for 2008

By Chris Brown

Head curtain side airbags and enhanced technology glass (ETG) are standard on passenger vans. ETG is a special three-layer glass designed to reduce the risk of ejection during a crash.

Tags: Vans, General Motors

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Best Practices for Asset Management Functions

By Michael Lewis

Best practices in asset management, including truck acquisition, maintenance, and other asset management services can make the difference between a productive, cost-effective fleet and a costly mistake.

Tags: Maintenance, Telematics, Asset Management, Risk Management, Mergers & Acquisitions

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

The Fleet Manager's Guide to Comparing Fuel Economy

By Sean Lyden

Vehicles 8,500-lbs. GVWR or more are exempt from federal fuel economy requirements, making it more challenging to project fuel economy for vehicles such as 3/4-and 1-ton pickups, vans, and medium-duty trucks.

Tags: Environmental Protection Agency

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

Materials of Trade - Are You Sure You Know the Limits?

By Mike Butsch

Hazmat fines can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars. Familiarity with key areas of the MOT can save time, money, and confusion.

January 2008, Work Truck - Feature

How to Maximize Fuel Efficiency

High fuel prices have taken an especially hard toll on fleets, in which larger vehicles consume more gasoline. Various efforts to maximize fuel are discussed.

By Joe Bohn

Truck fleet fuel saving strategies include right-sized vehicles, alt-fuel use, and driver education.

Tags: FPL, Rightsizing, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

November 2007, Work Truck - Cover Story

Mitsubishi Fuso Returns to the Class 3 Market with the 2008 FE 125

By Lisajoyce Vergara

After a two-year hiatus, Mitsubishi Fuso has reentered the Class 3 market with a new low-cab forward medium-duty work truck.

November 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Fuel Management RFP Musts

By Editor

Fleet managers should treat the RFP as an introduction to their fleet and implement a checklist of must-haves so the basics don't fall through the cracks.

November 2007, Work Truck - Feature

DOT Compliance: Have You Reviewed Your Program Lately?

By Mike Butsch

Following a program compliance may be challenging, but it is doable. Key areas of focus are highlighted.

Tags: FMCSA, Hours of Service, U.S. DOT, Compliance, Alcohol Testing, Drug Testing, Medium-Duty Trucks

November 2007, Work Truck - Feature

DOT Mandates May Apply When Using Trailers

By Joe Bohn

Extra weight from trailer add-ons may push otherwise underweight vehicles over the DOT-exempt weight limit.

Tags: U.S. DOT

November 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Converting to Biodiesel: A Green Case Study

By Daryl Lubinsky

A contractor for a major mall renovation has switched to 100-percent biodiesel in his vehicles.

Tags: Biodiesel

November 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Trends in Truck Electric Power Systems

If the drain becomes too severe, the RVC system automatically boosts the engine idle speed and/or reduces specific electrical loads on the vehicle in order to protect the battery.

By Joe Bohn

The increased electrical loads on new trucks from advanced engine, transmission, and brake systems have given rise to the need for new battery technology.

November 2007, Work Truck - Feature

One Year Later: The Impact of ULSD on Diesel Engines

Chevy’s 2008 Duramax Diesel 6.6L V8 Turbo

By Joe Bohn

It’s been a year since stricter EPA regulations aimed at reducing sulfur content in diesel fuel became effective. Most fleets surveyed report no problems, although cold weather and vehicle age may present issues.

November 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Top 5 Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

By Staff

A PHH FirstFleet study found a ‘sweet spot’ where fuel efficiency and performance are maximized. The research highlighted other fuel-economizing steps.

November 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Eliminating the Waste

Junk removal service, 1-800-Trash-It! used TomTom WORK Web-based fleet management system to improve operations and cut costs.

By Shelley Ernst

How an environmentally-conscious trash collection company trashed inefficiency – and collected the profits.

November 2007, Work Truck - Feature

SureXpress Rents Trucks from Enterprise

By Lisajoyce Vergara

Oklahoma City-based SureXpress uses an alternative approach in providing freight services to help drive down operating costs. One alternative has been renting trucks from Enterprise Commercial Trucks to lower the fleet CPM.

Tags: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

November 2007, Work Truck - Feature

High Cost of Fuel Increases Operating Costs

By Mike Antich

Fleet operating costs have increased, but at a slower pace than 2006. Across all vehicle segments, this increase was directly attributable to increased fuel costs, with a domino effect for other oil-based products such as tires.

Tags: Operating Costs

September 2007, Work Truck - Cover Story

Isuzu Introduces Redesigned 2008 N-Series LCF

The new N-Series offers wheelbases from 109 to 212 inches, allowing a wide range of service body types and sizes.

By Tariq Kamal

The all-new 2008 N-Series features a larger, more comfortable cab, more powerful engines, and a range of wheelbases to accommodate nearly all applications.

September 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Super Size Me: 2007 Dodge Sprinter

The 2007 Dodge Sprinter is longer, wider, taller, and more spacious than its predecessor, and offers more choices and features than ever before.

By Staff

"The taller they are, the harder they grip the road." Sprinter’s all-new adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP) features additional sensors that now account for vehicle payload. Advanced ESP uses a self-learning algorithm to determine center of gravity of the vehicle based on acceleration, speed, accelerator pedal position and brake pressure.

Tags: Dodge, 2007-MY, Full-Size Vans, Cargo Vans

September 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Mistakes to Avoid When Spec’ing a Medium-Duty Chassis

By Sean Lyden

Even the most seasoned fleet managers occasionally misjudge truck specs. Following are the eight most common offenses committed and how to correct them before it’s too late.

Tags: Medium-Duty Trucks

September 2007, Work Truck - Feature

What You Should Know About Nitrogen-Filled Tires

By Sean Lyden

According to proponents, nitrogen-inflated tires maintain tire pressure longer, resist heat buildup better, and reduce the potential of freezing in high altitudes.

September 2007, Work Truck - Feature

How to Determine a Truck’s Maximum Net Payload

By Staff

With increased upfitting of trucks to specific job applications, fleet managers may have a more difficult time selecting the right chassis to handle the load. A simple formula can help avoid this difficulty.

Tags: Payload, Vehicle Spec'ing, GVW

September 2007, Work Truck - Feature

What UPS Can Teach Fleets About Driver Safety

Driver safety has been a priority for UPS throughout its nearly 100-year history. In 2007, the company will invest $38 million in safety training.

By Travis Yates

The delivery company, celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year, has made safety a core value, investing $38 million dollars and 1.3 million hours on safety training in 2007 alone.

Tags: UPS, Driver Behavior, Corporate Culture

September 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Using Data-Centric Predictive Analytics to Improve Driver Safety

By Alex Popov and Dico Akseraylian

Current tactics to analyze driver risk are reactionary, targeting drivers with already-proven unsafe behaviors. New data sources provide more comprehensive metrics for intelligent forecasting of high-risk drivers.

September 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Getting a Lift

By Paul Dexler

When the job requires being up high or having to pick up a heavy item off the ground, lift trucks, crane trucks, and bucket trucks make it far easier and safer to get the work done without muscle strain or worse hazards.

Tags: Lift


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Market Trends

Mike Antich
Institutionalizing Cost-Control Strategies

By Mike Antich
Senior management exerts intense pressure on fleet managers to control and/or reduce vehicle acquisition and operating expenses. To accomplish this, a fleet managers can pursue three different cost-control strategies — cost savings, cost deferral, or cost avoidance. In order to implement a successful cost-control strategy you need to institutionalize the mechanisms to curb money-wasting behaviors.

Lessons Learned from Great Fleet Managers

By Mike Antich

Chatty Chassis

Lauren Fletcher
Drones in Truck Fleets: Beyond Package Delivery

By Lauren Fletcher
In today’s digital age, technology is developing at a break-neck pace and fleet management is often the recipient and early adopter of many of the new options available. One of the more newsworthy pieces of modern technology has been the “drone.” Their use in fleet may offer several possibilities.

‘It Doesn’t Apply to Me’

By Lauren Fletcher

Driving Notes

Paul Clinton
BMW Ultimate Driving Experience

By Paul Clinton
BMW is hosting six Ultimate Driving Experience events around the U.S. this summer and fall that puts drivers behind the wheel of the 2017 540i, the first of five planned 5 Series models in the lineup's seventh generation.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric

By Amy Winter-Hercher

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Sherb Brown
Who’s Up Next?

By Sherb Brown
Are you taking the time to keep an eye out for the person who is going to fill your chair when you decide to move on?

Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

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Dylan Brown
Does Telematics Branding Translate to Adoption?

By Dylan Brown
We asked over 750 fleet professionals questions about the prevalence of each provider in the market and their brand recognition.

How Fleet Size Dictates Telematics Needs

By Dylan Brown