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American Water

A Missouri American Water truck was stolen last week while on a call. The employee driving the vehicle was checking meters when the pickup truck disappeared.

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Pennsylvania American Water Continues CNG Fleet Expansion

This latest grant – the result of Act 13 funding recently awarded by Gov. Tom Corbett – was secured through a partnership with Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Coalition and will be used to purchase 18 new Freightliner utility trucks that use CNG fuel.

CNG Will Power Pennsylvania American Water's Fleet

Pennsylvania American Water officials joined with Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Sam Smith and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection officials to mark the company’s launch of a compressed natural gas (CNG) pilot for its vehicle fleet.

Water Company Truck Is Stolen; One Suspect in Custody

ALORTON, IL – An Illinois-American Water Co. had his truck stolen while on the job. The employee was out of his work truck performing a routine meter reading in the John DeShields housing complex when it was stolen