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FMCSA Extends, Expands ‘Essential’ Goods Exemption

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Selling Safety. Saving Lives.

Selling Safety, Saving Lives.

Selling Safety. Saving Lives.

Safety and the ROI of preventive measures need to be communicated throughout your organization. But, communicating safety is not always the easiest message to deliver. From drivers to executives – and everyone in between – safety is the core of your company culture and values. How you communicate your safety message is paramount to ensuring that everyone embraces your safety message and it’s at the heart of every action they take.

Download Selling Safety and learn how to “sell” your message to executives, managers and drivers from one of the industry’s most successful safety leaders, Don Osterberg. Former Senior Vice President of Safety, Security and Driver Training for Schneider, Don has communicated his safety message to hundreds of fleets and provides his best tips for you.

By SmartDrive Systems