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Risky Drivers: How to Spot the Red Flags

Risky Drivers: How to Spot the Red Flags

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Risky Drivers: How to Spot the Red Flags

Safety is a top priority of most construction related businesses. The industry relies on drivers to go to and from job sites, operate equipment and complete projects. Developing an ingrained safety culture will deliver a positive impact to any company’s bottom line. Before a true safety culture can be effective, managers must understand the level of risk an irresponsible driver poses to their organization. Entrusting a driver with a company vehicle, company equipment or entrusting them to drive their own vehicle on company time, is a risk that may not be worth taking.

In this white paper you will learn more about:

  • The information provided on a Motor Vehicle Report - How it can be used to spot red flags
  • Annual MVRs and the 364-day “Grace Period” - How continuous license monitoring can close the risk gap
  • Driving and Non-Driving License Suspensions - What is the difference and how they can put a fleet at risk
  • What is Negligent Entrustment - How your fleet can avoid it

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