The tire development process has  shortened, according to CMA, but development time for times is...

State of the Commercial Truck Tire Industry

The commercial tire market in 2019 has seen a greater impact of tariffs and duties, impact from the last-mile delivery segment, but overall stability in pricing. Changes are coming.

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Vote for 2020 Medium-Duty Truck of the Year

Vote for 2020 Medium-Duty Truck of the Year

We need your input! Voting is now open for Work Truck's Medium-Duty Truck of the Year Award. Help name the winning truck!

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Driver Recruitment and Retention Month – What is it?

Sponsored by Verizon Connect

Driver Recruitment and Retention Month – What is it?

This month, we are focusing on solutions to the persistent driver shortage problem, by hiring and keeping drivers to meet the industry’s mounting demands.

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More than 70% of the nation's roads are in snowy regions, which receive more than 5 inches...

Staying Safe in the Winter with Telematics

It’s a lot easier to get stuck or stranded in the winter than some drivers may believe. Telematics and smart video solutions can help save the day.

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As this configuration shows, 36 employees or customers can be transported in comfort aboard the...

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Spotlight on Grech’s Luxury Bus Offerings for Fleets

Grech’s luxury buses give fleets of a variety of models to choose from that provide employees, executives, and customers an unparalleled transportation experience that will improve their internal or external brands.

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One tire casing can be retreaded several times. But it’s important to know when to pull a tire...

How to Maximize Retread Tire Life

Retread tires offer comparable performance to a new tire in a more environmentally friendly package. Here’s how to make sure they last.

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Ram will roll out the first of the Built to Serve edition trucks in November, coinciding with...

Ram's Built to Serve Editions Honor Military

Ram Truck will honor the five service branches of the U.S. Armed Forces with a series of Built to Serve Edition trucks.

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Heil Autonomous Lift Option Takes Solid Waste Collection to the Next Level

Heil Autonomous Lift Option Takes Solid Waste Collection to the Next Level

H.A.L.O. assists drivers by leveling, dumping, and replacing front load containers with the push of a single button.

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Accurate data is king, whether reviewing tech solutions or tire lifecycles.

Evaluating Fleet Tech & Tires

Do your homework, calculate for the long haul, and know what your tech and tire lifecycle costs truly are.

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