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A driver-centric culture involves acknowledging that the heart of any transportation company...

A Driver-Centric Culture: The Key to Retention

Discover how fostering a workplace prioritizing drivers' needs, operational efficiency, and technology integration is becoming a game-changer for fleet managers aiming for long-term success.

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Isuzu Commercial Truck of America is celebrating its 40th anniversary of providing trucks in the...

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Celebrates 40 Years

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, originally Isuzu Truck of America, is turning 40 this year and the company said the celebration is underway. The first Isuzu truck, the KS22, arrived in the United States in November 1984.

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Don Kelley, who has over 20 years of experience in maintenance and management, has been...

Revolv's Don Kelley Sets Sights on Uptime and Zero-Emission Fleets

Discover how Revolv's expertise in selecting the right vehicles and estab-lishing the necessary infrastructure can make the transition to zero-emission fleets more manageable.

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The Evolution of Couplings & Pintle Hitches

Sponsored by Premier Manufacturing

The Evolution of Couplings & Pintle Hitches

Fleets are recognizing the major benefits of coupling technology that’s disrupting a century-old market, as safety and reliability are more paramount than ever.

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Geotab Ace is a powerful tool that provides access to a vast amount of data including predictive...

Geotab Ace: Your Generative AI Copilot

Geotab Ace distills billions of data points daily, simplifying insights while making the information easily accessible and available to everyone.

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Users can assign public charging stations, home addresses or any other charging location for...

Fleetio's New EV Management Tools for Commercial Fleets

Fleetio’s new features capture every detail of charging sessions, including fees, discounts, duration and energy usage.

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Jay Whitehurst is one of thousands of customers who got their Maverick trucks faster thanks to...

Ford Maverick Sales Double as Production Expands

Expanded production capacity helped increase U.S. sales to 12,443 in January, up nearly double compared to the same month a year ago.

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Mullen Automotive has delivered 130 more Mullen One cargo vans, Class 1, to Randy Marion...

Mullen Delivers 130 Additional Class 1 EV Cargo Vans

To date, Mullen Automotive has delivered 230 Mullen One Class 1 cargo vans to Randy Marion Automotive Group, which ordered a total of 1,000 vehicles at a total price of more than $7.7 million. Mullen also is expanding its EV lineup to the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic and has taken an order for 20 Campus EV cargo vans in the region.

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In the latest in fleet legal updates, Samara has announced a lawsuit against Motive Technologies.

Samsara Sues to Stop Patent Infringement, Motive Responds and Files Suit

Samsara Inc., has filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to stop ongoing intellectual property theft through patent infringement, false advertising, and other illegal conduct by Motive Technologies, Inc. Motive responds and files a lawsuit in return.

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National average diesel fuel prices stayed on par with last week, with prices across the rest of...

February 2024 Diesel Fuel Update: Prices Stabilize

What's the current state of the industry when looking at diesel fuel? Check out the latest updates that matter to work truck fleets and how the stabilization of prices this week may impact your operations.

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Workhorse customers who are already operating their own managed fleets can now work with Zeem...

Workhorse Group and Zeem Solutions: A Dynamic Duo for Fleets

Zeem's electric vehicle technicians will collaborate with Workhorse’s technical team to respond quickly to service requests and maintain uptime.

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Check out the top work truck news and content as of Feb. 19, 2024.

This Week in Work Truck News: Truck Dependability, Production Increases

What top work truck and van fleet news do you need to know as of February 19? Watch today!

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5 Effective Time Management Methods for Fleet Managers

With so many "time-saving" strategies to choose from, it can be overwhelming. To help you narrow down your options, I've identified the five most effective strategies based on your current goals and challenges.

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