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Data Points

Managing a mid-size to large commercial fleet has become a dynamic process that's often driven by analytics rather than gut-level decision making. The Data Points blog will tease out nuggets of information that may make you say, "Ah-ha."

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Demand More From Your Fuel Card Provider

How satified are you with your company's fuel card provider?

The advantages of tracking driver spending can't be overstated, as the data provided can help fleet managers assess if drivers are efficiently purchasing fuel, as well as identify high-performing vehicles and drivers who can serve as examples to the rest of the fleet.

Blog Post

Don’t Let Budgets Block Telematics

Chart shows the percentage of the customer base for seven major telematics providers that...

Fleets can no longer afford not to adopt telematics. The return on investment for fleets should be one of the key considerations when researching providers, and many of the leading providers boast impressive statistics.