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Specific jobs lend themselves better to air suspensions in the vocational world, including...


Understanding Work Truck Suspensions

Truck suspensions support the load, provide stability, and cushion the ride. Understand your options to ensure the best suspension is spec’ed on your valuable work truck assets.

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Workhorse Meets with USPS, Retains Counsel

Workhorse Group did not win the bid, but it’s not taking the news the sitting down.

The commercial electric vehicle maker said to expect “a prolonged process to explore our options and possibly pursue further action” related to its failed bid to win the contract to replace USPS vehicles.


Which Truck Models Last Over 200k Miles?

At 6.3%, the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD took second as the truck model most likely to exceed...

A comprehensive data analysis of passenger cars and pickup trucks from iSeeCars found that heavy-duty pickup models last twice as long as light-duty models — yet two truck-based SUVs last longer. Which models took the top of the list?

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