BLOOMING PRAIRIE, MN - Minimizer continues to make significant
investments in technology with the launch of their new mobile website and new social media campaigns.

The new mobile website is custom tailored to render better than the full-size website on any mobile device. It allows users to call, email, browse products and view related photos more easily from a mobile device than the full-size standard web site.

The new mobile site also allows one touch access to Minimizer’s social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Users can also sign-up for Minimizer's eNewsletter, and view Minimizer's tradeshow schedule so they can better connect with Minimizer and its distributors.

“Our demographic is so mobile, truckers are always on the road," says Craig Kruckeberg, Chief Visionary Officer of Minimizer. “We needed to launch a mobile site that would render better on truckers’ mobile devices in their hands and in their trucks. The new mobile site allows for a seamless digital interaction with our target market.”

The new social media campaign is designed to provide more pertinent information to end-users. The campaigns will include not only information about Minimizer but also industry news and updates. The campaigns on Facebook and Twitter will also include contests with prizes, milestone prizes, day-to-day following of the mobile Innovation & Training Trailer, and more videos.

“The new social media campaigns will create more of a conversation with truckers,” continued Kruckeberg, “We want to better engage our target demographic, engage them with more useful information, and increase the numbers of our Facebook and Twitter followings.”