FULLERTON, CA – Yokohama Tire Corporation today announced the three grand prize winners of their social media contest, “Miles of Fun”, which was done in partnership with Discount Tire/America’s Tire Company and which focused on the all-new, orange-oil infused YK580™ tire sold exclusively at Discount Tire/America’s Tire Company. The winners are: Spencer Larsen of Arco, Idaho for the video “California Dreaming”; Isabella Sherbatova of Fair Lawn, New Jersey for the video “Baby Dreams of Road Trip Adventures”; and Perri Silverstein of Birmingham, Michigan for the video “Rob, Perri and Vicki’s Ultimate Road Trip.”

In addition to winning a set of the all-new YK580, each grand prize winner won a $9,000-plus prize package, including $5,800 to fund the trip, a Samsung Galaxy II tablet, a Sony Bloggie sport camera/camcorder and a Verizon JetPack 4G Mobile Hotspot. Winners who submit blogs while on their road trip are also eligible to earn an extra $1,000 in cash. The winning videos are posted on Yokohama’s Facebook at www.facebook.com/yokohamatirecorp.

“These were the best of the best videos,” said Fred Koplin, Yokohama director of marketing communications. “The selection wasn’t easy since all entries showed imagination, entertainment and a sense of adventure. Now the winners can hit the road on YK580s and have a grand journey.”

“We are very grateful to Yokohama Tire for providing this opportunity,” said Spencer Larsen. “We are looking forward to a wonderful California vacation.”

Koplin said the winners were originally culled from nearly 70 video entries. From there, Yokohama’s Facebook fans voted on 10 finalists. Yokohama then selected three grand prize winners based on video creativity, originality and adventurousness.

“From a social media viewpoint, Miles of Fun was a solid success,” said Koplin. “Thanks to it, consumers will enjoy the YK580 tires in a unique way – on the great open road and on a trip of their own design. The winners are excited and our Facebook community rallied to support their favorite entry. We want to thank everyone who participated.”

“Miles of Fun generated strong interest for the YK580 and we couldn’t ask for more,” said Tom Williams, senior vice president of store experience for Discount Tire/America’s Tire Company. “Over the years, Yokohama Tire and Discount Tire have collaborated on marketing initiatives that enrich customer experience and Miles of Fun was no different. We can’t wait to hear what the winners will have to say about the YK580. From the great fuel efficiency to the extended treadlife and all-season performance, I think the winners will be in for a treat on their road trip.”

In addition to the grand prize winners, three sweepstakes winners have been announced. These were selected from Miles of Fun voters and consist of: Kim Brothers from North Canton, Ohio; Demetria Payton, San Antonio, Texas; and Marilyn Wons, Miramar Beach, Florida. Each won a free set of YK580 tires in a drawing.