The 2014-MY Ford Transit full-size van will offer gasoline and diesel engine options.

The 2014-MY Ford Transit full-size van will offer gasoline and diesel engine options.

DEARBORN, MI – Ford revealed new details on the new diesel engine available for the automaker’s all-new full-size Transit van. The new engine is a 3.2L Power Stroke five-cylinder diesel engine and is the first five-cylinder diesel engine in this vehicle segment in the U.S., according to Ford. In Europe, Ford said the new diesel engine is rated at 197 hp and 347 lb.-ft. of torque, though official numbers for North America aren’t yet available.

Ford previously announced the gasoline engine choice for the Transit is a 3.5L V-6, which the automaker said will get 25% better fuel economy than  current E-Series vans.

The automaker said it tailored the fuel system for combustion efficiency. The engine features piezoelectric fuel injectors fed through a high-pressure common rail fuel system. Ford said precision fuel injection timing and calibration are designed to ensure a smooth combustion process to reduce hard diesel combustion clatter, resulting in reduced noise levels. According to Ford, each injector nozzle has eight spray holes and can deliver up to five injections of fuel per combustion cycle. In the engine, a pilot injection controls noise levels and it uses a main injection for power generation.

Other features in the new engine include quick-start glow plugs that enable startups at temperatures as low as 25 F; aluminum cylinder heads with double overhead cams and four valves per cylinder; a variable nozzle turbocharger with electronic actuation; selective catalytic reduction for reduced NOx emissions (the first application of this technology in a Ford van, according to the company); and an integrated diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter to save space. The company added the engine includes a is a water-cooled high-performance electric-controlled exhaust gas recirculation valve that can more effectively withstand coolant pressure drops.

Ford expects the engine to be B20 biodiesel compatible as well.

The company builds the Power Stroke 3.2L engine in Ford’s Struandale Engine Plant in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. From there, Ford said it will export the engine from there to its Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo, Mo.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet