NOVI, MI – Hino Trucks announced to its dealers in the New York Metropolitan and Northeast regions today its Road to Recovery Assistance Program to aid in the recovery effort of its dealers and customers from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

“We have seen first-hand the devastation and impact of Hurricane Sandy. Many of our customers have lost hundreds of trucks in the damage and flooding associated with the storm,” explained Bob McDowell, Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Support for Hino Trucks.

As such, Hino Trucks is providing an additional $1,000 for every truck that is being bought to replace a damaged or lost truck as a result of Hurricane Sandy, according to the company. Hino has set aside inventory for immediate delivery to help its customers recover as quickly as possible.

“We understand that every day a customer is short a truck to move its product, it costs them dearly,” added McDowell.

The $1,000 assistance can be used in conjunction with Hino’s current sales promotions that run through the end of the year.