BOSTON, MA – TomTom Business Solutions announced its partnership with Intac International, the maker of Wintac – the award winning all-in-one business automation software for field service and installation companies. Using the WEBFLEET API, Wintac’s integration with TomTom saves customers time and money by making scheduling and dispatching tasks more efficient.

“Our customers experience many benefits when dispatching orders from Wintac directly to their technicians in the field using TomTom’s navigation service,” said Deanna Duffy, COO of Intac International. “They’re ensured that the quickest available technician to the job is dispatched, an accurate ETA is provided, which increases productivity.”

When a service call comes in, dispatchers can view all available technicians in the field and dispatch the job to the TomTom PRO navigation device of the quickest technician. Once the job is completed, the technician’s TomTom PRO navigation device sends the data back to the office where it is automatically updated in Wintac.

"Working with TomTom and Intac has resulted in major operational efficiencies”, said Philip Chiarappa, Vice President, Best Energy Solutions. “It's increased our efficiency in dispatching and keeping track of calls and is an easy way to communicate with our technicians while they are on the road. And they appreciate the navigation piece. The less time they spend on the road, the more time they spend with customers and the more money we all make."

“Intac International is leading the industry through their deep integration with TomTom.” said Matthew Curtis, Software Alliance manager, TomTom Business Solutions. “Customers increase the value of their investments via seamless dispatching. The integration increases efficiency of both dispatchers and technicians with two-way communication and provides real-time visibility of the entire fleet.”