Rand McNally has released the latest update to its MileMaker and IntelliRoute software, the commercial transportation industry's source for truck-specific routing, mileages, and mapping.

According to the manufacturer, MileMaker is the only commercially available routing and mileage solution that features both of the trucking industry’s standard mileage and routing types: Household Goods (HHG) and Practical.

With IntelliRoute, users are offered a broad set of routing options that include optimized, multi-stop address to address routing, hazardous materials routing and lowest cost routing that optimizes usage of toll roads. To ensure clients achieve a strong ROI across all of their transportation management systems, Rand McNally has integrated MileMaker and IntelliRoute with more than 100 third-party applications.

The majority of Fortune 500 shippers International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA) agencies rely on Rand McNally for mileages and routing.

The new software release includes the following:

  • Updated postal codes for Canadian provinces and territories - includes 6,768 new postal codes associated with 669 unique community names. An additional 291 communities have lost postal codes and have been adjusted.
  • New postal codes for Mexico – representing an increase of 23-percent new codes since the last update.
  • Updated ZIP and Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC).
  • Toll Costs for the U.S. and Canada – including updated ferry costs, and toll road costs such as the Dulles Toll Road and Greenway in Virginia.
  • Overhauled Rest Areas, Weigh Stations, Service Areas, and Welcome Centers - 95 new points were added, and 25 closed facilities were removed, across the U.S. and Canada.

The software updates are available for Mainframe, AS/400, Unix and PC-based platforms of MileMaker and IntelliRoute. The next update/release is scheduled for Q1 2013.

 For more information, call 1-800-641-RAND (7263) or visit randmcnally.com.

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