ADRIAN, MI – Venchurs, Inc. announced that Greg Golab has been appointed Vice President of Sales and Marketing, while former VP Terry Karges will transition into a new role as advisor and member of the Venchurs Board of Directors. Karges steps into the new role after accepting an offer to lead the venerable Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, which will allow the LA native to spend more time with his family while continuing to support Venchurs' rapidly growing specialty vehicle and CNG programs. 

“Terry has been absolutely instrumental in the launch of Venchurs Vehicle Systems,” says Jeff Wyatt, CEO of Venchurs. “VVS Conversions is now one of the best known Ford light truck CNG converters in the country and our VWerks division has flourished under his leadership. This new role at Petersen’s is a perfect match for Terry—it allows him to work in his home of Los Angeles and continue to serve the automotive industry at what is arguably the finest automotive museum in the world. We’re honored that he will continue to serve Venchurs and guide its development and growth.”

Golab brings over 25 years of business operations and marketing experience to his new position of VP of Sales and Marketing and has worked with companies such as Chrysler and Mopar’s global parts and service divisions. As president of NorthStar Marketing Services, Golab was already serving Venchurs as a marketing advisor and has an in-depth knowledge of the company's current initiatives.

During his time at Venchurs, Karges has created a ground-up sales and marketing program for Venchurs Vehicle Systems. Under Karges’ management, VVS Conversions has grown from a brand new, unknown entity into one of the leading CNG converters for Ford Motor Company. Karges has also led development of VWerks, a specialty vehicle program focused on the design, manufacturing and sales of Jeep and truck accessory parts and halo vehicles. Karges is confident in Golab’s abilities to act as VP of Sales and Marketing.

For over forty years Venchurs has been serving the automotive OEM and aftermarket industries with a variety of services including kit packaging, order management and more. Its newest division, Venchurs Vehicle System hosts variety of automotive programs including VVS Conversions, a CNG conversion program for Ford light trucks and VWerks, a specialty vehicle assembly and sales program.