The CEI Group, Inc. (CEI) announced an enhancement to its online DriverCare Risk Manager application designed to raise fleet drivers’ awareness of their safety record.

Called “My Driver Center,” the enhancement is a boldly redesigned fleet driver home page that immediately shows drivers their risk rating and how it compares to the ratings of the entire fleet driver workforce.

“We believe that accident prevention programs are most effective when drivers are aware of all of the events contained in their driving record, including how they compare to their peers as well,” said Brian Kinniry, CEI manager of risk and safety solutions. “Drivers need to have a clear understanding of how their record relates to fleet policy and how future events could affect their health and safety in addition to their employment.”

The new home page has been redesigned so that after logging in, fleet drivers see an array of clickable icons for every feature of the DriverCare Risk Manager application. The biggest icon is a pie chart that shows the percentage of drivers in each of a fleet’s three or four risk categories, with the one the driver is in highlighted.

Clicking on the pie chart summons a pop-up window that shows every event that has contributed to the driver’s risk rating, including accidents, motor vehicle violations, and any other events that have contributed to the driver’s score, and the dates they occurred. Drivers can also see a description of how their risk score is calculated.

DriverCare Risk Manager has proven to help fleets reduce their accident rates by 20-30%, according to CEI. It automatically calculates driver risk scores from data feeds, and automatically sends email notifications to the driver and selected fleet and operational managers when a driver’s score pushes them to a higher risk level. The emails also contain assignments for online remedial driver safety lessons and the date by which they must be completed.

“We redesigned the driver home page to have the intuitive feel of a smart phone desktop,” Kinniry said, noting that the application can be accessed by drivers from tablet computers and smart phones, in addition to desktop and laptop computers.