CAMBRIDGE, MA – Joining locations in Boston, Chicago, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the District of Columbia, Zipcar, Inc. announced Toronto with the launch of the "Zipvan" cargo van service in Toronto.

The Zipvan cargo van service is officially launching in Toronto with 15 Ford E-150 full size cargo vans available in Zipcar pod locations throughout the city, including Queen West, North York, Waterfront, Danforth and Liberty Village. The vans are available for hourly or daily use with rates starting at $14.75 per hour and $104 per day. As with all vehicles in the Zipcar fleet, Zipvan pricing includes gas, insurance, parking, roadside assistance and up to 200 kilometers of driving per day, with no hidden fees or fuel surcharges.

"Zipsters who are moving apartments on the busy July 1 moving day or who need to move large or bulky items can now take advantage of the convenience of using Zipvan cargo vans, in addition to the many pickup trucks and SUVs already offered by Zipcar in numerous locations throughout the city," said Christian Demers, general manager of Zipcar Toronto. "Zipvans are also a great option for local small businesses and community non-profits to help reduce their costs for transporting goods and supplies."

The vans include two up-front seats and over six and a half cubic meters of cargo space They also offer a rear-view camera to make driving the vans as easy as possible. For more information, visit