ARLINGTON, VA – National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) announced that it supports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposal to require electronic vehicle stability control (ECS) systems on new Class 8 tractors. NTTC represents the tank truck industry including carriers and equipment suppliers.

"The NTTC Executive Committee passed a resolution in 2008 to petition NHTSA to require ECS on all new tractors used to pull tank trailers. We believe that ECS and roll stability control (RSC) systems can be tools in reducing rollovers," said NTTC President John Conley. "NHTSA asked us to not file the petition as they were developing a rule for all tractors. We are pleased to see that rule published."

Much of the tank truck industry has voluntarily moved to ECS on tractors and RCS on new tank trailers ahead of government requirements, according to NTTC. In fact, roll stability control has become a standard on new tank trailers. All three major ECS manufacturers are associate members of NTTC.

"We have been pleased to have demonstrations from the various component suppliers at our safety and maintenance meetings and a ride-along can make you a believer," said Conley. "However, we must remember that the trained truck driver is the primary defense against rollovers. There are no silver-bullets, but ECS certainly should help to reduce the chance of a rollover in some situations."