SPARKS, MD – PHH Arval has received two prestigious supplier awards from Diebold, Inc., a global leader in providing self-service security systems and services. This is the third year in a row that PHH Arval has won a supplier award from Diebold.

The awards, which were announced at Diebold’s annual Global Supplier Summit, were:

  • The Most Innovative Supplier award, an honor that was given exclusively to PHH Arval. Diebold cited PHH’s consultative recommendations and technology innovations as reasons for the recognition.
  • The Gold Supplier Certification award, which recognizes a company’s dedication and persistence in achieving quality service improvement. Criteria for performance measurement included quality, delivery, cost reduction, contract compliance, customer satisfaction, cost competitiveness, continuous improvement and overall business relationship.

“We are honored to receive these awards, both of which demonstrate that our commitment to customer service excellence has a noticeable, measurable, positive effect on our clients’ fleets,” said George Kilroy, President and Chief Executive Officer, PHH Arval. “Our focus is always to help our clients achieve their financial and productivity goals, while providing industry-best customer experiences and innovative tools that make life easier for fleet managers and drivers.”

PHH Arval has been providing fleet management solutions to Diebold in the United States and Canada for 32 years.

“We are especially honored to be recognized by Diebold – one of our largest and most respected clients,” said Kilroy. “It punctuates that we are leading the way in delivering not just consistent and reliable customer service, but a customer experience our customers believe in.”

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Originally posted on Automotive Fleet