SAN DIEGO-- Fleet managers are facing escalating fuel expenses and tighter budgets. To address this, Networkfleet, Inc. is offering a complimentary eBook titled “Managing Fuel Costs with Networkfleet” and a corresponding webinar “Best Practices for Managing Fuel Costs” to demonstrate how telematics and GPS fleet tracking technology can help companies manage their fleet’s fuel consumption and better control fuel costs.

The Networkfleet eBook and webinar include specific actions fleet managers can take to monitor fuel usage, change driver behavior and implement a successful fuel reduction strategy. Specifically, six key areas that can be improved using wireless fleet management are addressed, including:
• Minimizing idle time.
• Reducing excessive speeding.
• Preventing unauthorized vehicle use.
• Improving routing efficiency.
• Improving vehicle health through engine diagnostics.
• Verifying fuel expenditures.

By following these actions and using Networkfleet in combination with new internal policies and oversight, fleets can achieve a 10 percent to 25 percent decrease in fuel usage.

Visit the Networkfleet website at for more information.